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  1. Death Animation for the One Eye Monster This is what happen when the demons of your unconscious dare resisting your progress ! What do you think of the dissolve effect at the end with the flying particles ? Ratgibnak
  2. Saturday news ! We finalized our attack animation, added some particles emitting light coming out of the necklace and some hits particles for the monster ! And as a bonus, here is the dash animation !
  3. Try again, back to life ! In Dolus, you can actually die. But until you go through all the stages of your own grief, you will come back to face it ! This is your destiny, your only way out. Going through every daemon, every emotion. What do you think of the respawn animation ? I still have to fix a few light issues but it's already looking pretty good Ratgibnak
  4. Thank you Mighty Professional ! We tried many designs for the character and the monsters, we are quite happy with the result so far :) The jump animation for today ! And the double-jump of course We had some fun using the necklace as an active part of the animation. Ratgibnak
  5. Hey everyone, My name is Antoine, I am a dev and I am currently working on my first indie 2D game made with Unity ! Dolus is an introspective journey into the world of grief. You will have to find your way through the five stages of loss in this hand drawn adventure platformer. The main animations of our sad little fellow are almost all done. We used normal maps on our sprites to handle the light. In Dolus you will be able to slide on walls ! How cool is that ? This is what you will see when you will die in game. I have added some particules to the animation, I'll show you the updated version later on Last week we started the animations from the monsters and it's going quite well ! I'll come post as soon as I have some interesting update Follow the game development journey of Dolus ! Insta Twitter Facebook Ratgibnak
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