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  1. Hi, I read in the forum about saving a client folder with encrypted file, but I cant find on my editor an option to encrypt resources used on client, and if I use the package update, all files still on png. How do I compile the client encrypted version for players? Thank you
  2. Engine_ Intersect Storyline_ After years of environmental neglection by the mankind, an event called ''Steel Rain'' was the edge between the life we know now and what it would become. Scientists belived that a new virus came into the rain, and almost all life became affected by it, that turned humans and animals into monsters. Earth was ruined, some people had resistance to it, and now they`re rebuilding a new civilization. But, in order to do that, they will have to fight the environmental aberrations. Development_ Im working alone on this project, and I`m starting it this week, so all feedback is welcome. Video_ (Im from Brazil, so it`s portuguese commented - making the game in portuguese first because some of my friends are going to help test it) Screenshots _ 1. Title screen 2. Starting area 3. Some part from Mobrac Town (and the pistol paperdoll) 4. Few itens to craft (Crafting table) 5. First planned dungeon (Waste Sewer Gallerie) Plans_ For now, I want to keep creating maps and items. The game will have 4 classes (Hunter, Paramedic, Engineer and Soldier). It will have many dungeons and areas to explore, making grind less repectitive. Also, game is going to be focused on ''crafting to survive'', so NPCs will sell only basic items. Weapons and armors can be bought for very high prices or crafted. Issues atm_ Have to move forward to get the right direction to shoot | Resolution change the character zoom, making view distance higher.
  3. Hi guys, Is there a way to change the direction the player is looking at without moving (WSAD)? If I use a projectile weapon, I have to move first to get the right direction to shoot, so I will get closer to the mob Im attacking for every action. If I could just change the player is facing at would be better to shoot projectiles. Thanks in advance.
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