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  1. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '>' in C:\xampp\htdocs\baurahwb\application\App\Preferences.php on line 160 any solution? Line: { $this->cmsSettings = $settings; }
  2. Heyyy! I show previews of Throdok city from Age of Baurah.
  3. Fugaku

    Age of Baurah

    Main menu intro by Ivan Quintana Faces by Giovanni1993007 Main menu concept by FIDEOS. Team members edit.
  4. Fugaku

    Age of Baurah

    We continue working on the graphics. Bank
  5. I think this can be useful since in many MMOs they exist. Currently in event we have the option to change class, but this option replaces the values in the character's stats, my idea is to add an evolution option where this new class add stats and not replace it. Set Class and New Class option in Event.
  6. I don't think it's difficult to do it. There's even a button that hides the entire interface, you can research and create a button that hides the chat, based on the one that already exists to hide the interface.
  7. Fugaku

    Age of Baurah

    There is still much to do here.
  8. Fugaku


    You could build a minimap with the conditional "map is" and that shows the maps you want to place on the minimap, then you put the image of the map screenshot as "autorun" I think
  9. This will be stupid to say, I already solved it, it was my mistake not to create the DB Solved, sorry.
  10. I can migrate the playerdata database to MySQL, but I can't do the same with gamedata.
  11. Fugaku

    Age of Baurah

    More fluid walk frames by Blestro Still need to edit the windows, but hey.. Oh, I think I didn't comment about Rankeds System.
  12. Fugaku

    Age of Baurah

    Yes, but we wanted to replace the water element with ice. In the future we will add more elements such as Lightning, Water, etc.
  13. Fugaku

    Age of Baurah

    - I am currently working on adding a ''casino'' system with roulettes, poker and slot machines.
  14. Fugaku

    Age of Baurah

    - We are pleased to announce the addition of a daily rewards system. The system is simple, a user will receive 28 gifts for 4 weeks, this event will take place after a month and their objects will be of the free type (that is, they will not be able to be traded) - Magicians will be able to choose their initial elements; ice, fire, wind and earth. Then at level 40 they can choose their second specialization in elements, in this way they will use two types of abilities, I remind you that magicians can only use abilities of their chosen element and some other neutral ability. - We are working on skills and handling points in weapons and jobs.
  15. Apparently many people want to do it, but there is no answer
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