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  1. Problems with saving data

    How are you closing the server? With the exit command or just pressing the X button?
  2. Can you do parallax?

    Parallax what, Scrolling or Mapping? There's an option for a Parallax Scrolling image in the editor per map, I believe. Mapping would work as well since all you do is cut up tiles into a giant image map and then cut the image up in tiles again if I recall.
  3. Attack Animation Intersect Engine

    To clarify; not at this moment. The base engine as it's provided does not allow for this sort of thing, however once the source code has been released you'll be able to modify it as you see fit (or perhaps someone else will do it, and you can ask them to do it for you as well?). You can use spells/projectiles/animations and some trickery to at least show ''slashes'' when the player attacks though, I know it's not exactly the same thing but it's a reasonable alternative for the time being.
  4. Password hashing

    It's not that he's adding it in, it's already a thing in Intersect. He's trying to make it work with external passwords.
  5. On Death Common Events

    I'm basing this off of an assumption, but I dn't think Common Events have the power to do this at the time. If the logic is anything like it was in older engines, it's all very linear and you just die. THEN things start processing, your event can't interrupt your death.. Gaining health after you've died won't save you. Not sure if events can pause the player, but it would be nice if you can actually affect the flow of a player's death through events yes.
  6. Some resources not showing

    Can confirm, it seems resources on maps that have yet to load on your client are not showing until you walk onto said map.
  7. It also broke some of my config file, it didn't update the Player section of it with the two new attributes.
  8. Okay, so.. Figured that out. Apparently you need to manually copy over all the library files (both from the migration and server folders) to the same folder as the migration tool to make this work on Linux. Whoopsie.
  9. For tracking and organizational purposes, please include ONLY ONE bug or suggestion per report. Thank you! Reports not in English will be removed. /////////////////////////////////////////////////// Error Description /////////////////////////////////////////////////// I keep getting this whenever I try to go from 3.1 to 4.2, which is DB8 to 10, where did 9 go? (There's no downloads to use between 3.1 and 4.2, so assuming this should work?) It spits out the following log:
  10. Password hashing

    Pretty sure you posted about this in Discord, and you got very close: But you're not using SHA256, you're using BCRYPT which you wrapped in a method called SHA256. You already found this: And we've explained the basics of how it works (which you've understood, given your example above but using the wrong hashing algorithm and not generating and saving the salt) Basically, you're really close and despite me constantly telling you that and telling you to stop using BCRYPT you want us to just do it for you?
  11. Mmm, got to love that sweet sweet permission escalation.
  12. I will never be able to get that out of my mind.
  13. MySql connection

    I imagine it's because you're creating a brand new connection every time you're doing something, not closing them consistently and creating objects you don't even use. There's so many differences in these two snippets I'd dread to think what the rest of your code looks like. Don't destroy and re-create connections unless you absolutely have to. It'll just delay the process considerably. Either have a single connection that does everything, or if you're concerned about performance under a heavy load have a resource pool of connections that get used round-robin to deal with database queries.
  14. Application Updater

    Any particular reason why it uses mysql instead of sqlite? That would drastically cut down on how hard it is to set up.
  15. [VB6] Kevin's Engine - 2D MMORPG

    I thought it looked oddly familiar.