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  1. Thx, Tomorrow I'll be at my work computer, I'll try to update
  2. Unfortunately it doesn't work. After I start the game, the changes from the configuration file disappear(
  3. Thanks, I didn't have these lines in my config. I'll try to add at my leisure!
  4. I did this earlier, it shows up in the choice of where to send the message. Not chatbox tabs. sorry for bad english. I translate it for my game, locks my screen pls. i change it. and got it
  5. This is not it, I need to translate the name of the chat tabs. I can't find these lines.. What you suggested, I already translated a long time ago. Anyway thx
  6. Where? I can't find the right lines
  7. Hello everyone. I have a question. How to change this text on chat box? I mean "All,Local,Party itc."
  8. Hello everyone, I wanted to know. Can I besides changing the color, for the text in the chat. Change text style? for example a stroke I slightly changed the chat interface and now my eyes are very sore and half of the text is unreadable, or is the only option to change the colors to darker ones? If so, are the colors in the configuration file written in RGB format? I apologize in advance for my bad English Thanks in advance for your help
  9. Если нужно могу скинуть свои переводы под последнюю версию.
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