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  1. I experience this issue a lot in Intersect Engine Full In the editor, sometimes the screen rolls back to a prior state randomly. Its hard to notice it happen even but I have seen it rollback while I was looking at the screen. It flashed quick and everything went back to prior state. What is weird about it is that when it does that, if it rolls back you can move to another map square without make a change and it won't ask you if you want to save the map. Then when you go back to it, the map didn't actually roll back. However, if you edit the map at all after it rolls back it will ask you to save. You have to click no otherwise it saves the roll back. Kind of confusing. It if rolls back, just switch squares before you make another edit. Then it will not save the roll back. I know sometimes its almost impossible to tell (for example if event script just rolls back) but that is what I have been doing. It really sucks sometimes when I make an event, save, do some other stuff, go back and the event is blank.
  2. Hi, we are currently in an open Alpha phase still. You should try it out and let us know your feedback! We are not a private server and are creating everything from scratch. It is simply inspired by the MU Online game!
  3. I appreciate the feedback. I understand and will be removing any associated IP with time and its mostly just placeholders for now until I can develop better artwork and things. Surely we won't enter beta until these things are replaced. Also, there is big notices about the "cash shop" and warnings that we are in Alpha stage and that data may or may not be wiped ultimately so surely I am not attempting to be sketchy about it but I do understand what you mean. Thanks again for your reply.
  4. Welcome to MU Pixel - ORPG! Join a new and exciting ORPG based on the lost Continent of Mu! Inspired by the classic MMORPG, MU Online, yet recreated, reimagined, and retold in a fun 2D pixel art style! Can you save the Continent and seal away Kundun once again? Join our open Alpha release, provide suggestions and feedback, and help guide our game development to an official full release! Links... Website -> mupixel.online Game Download -> https://mupixel.online/en/download Discord Community -> https://discord.gg/QXpSSuwhUH Facebook Community -> https://www.facebook.com/gaming/2DPixelMuOnline Youtube Community -> https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBxoSaLU1TILw1nQOmpvPVQ Game Overview... Online Role Playing Game. PVP focused multiplayer game-play. PVE focused story board. Continuous development and content creation as the community grows. This game will have no end-point other than reaching max character level. Game Engine: Intersect Engine (v0.7). Staff... IZAKTLY STUDIO - Developer & Publisher Introduction Story... Media... Current State... In its current state there are lots of game features to enjoy at the moment. Character Classes: Knight Main maps: Lorencia Simple Tutorial Quests to walk you through some game features. Equipment upgrade system. Equipment transformation system to obtain powerful items with special rarity options. Equipment and item crafting. Daily lairs to hunt special boss monsters. Reaching a Beta Phase and Our Future plans... Our goal is to create a great PVP focused online RPG game. We are currently in a heavy Alpha stage of game development and have many features to add and develop. However, we feel we have reached a point of development where the game has a great base to continue building on. The main storyline and quest board is essentially non-existent at this point. Because the game is going to be PVP focused, out story and quest boards are going to be quite general. While there will be a story to follow as your character progresses, it will not be the entire focus of the game. There will not necessarily be an end-point in the game as we will focus to build on the end-game with intense PVP focused updates, mini-games, and events to participate in as players approach maximum character level. We are currently in an Open Alpha development phase and have plans to at least complete the following before we enter any kind of beta phase: Create an Elf class that uses Range style weapons such as Bow and Arrow, or throwing knives. Create a Mage class that only uses magic spells. Create 2 additional main world maps (Noria - Elven Forest, Devias - Iceplain Create 2 PVP focused mini-games that happen at certain times of the day. Create a PVP ranking and reward system. Create a PVP focused Guild ranking and reward system. Create a character customization system Create a PVE focused quest and story board following the Introduction Story.
  5. If anyone else run into this error, it was simple issue. I share here incase anyone else have issue here. If you try to update 2.2 version CMS with this Cache Update Patch (https://github.com/Thomasfds/Intersect-CMS-Cache-Update)... At step 3 on github page "After line 11 add cache_json: '%kernel.project_dir%/public/cache/'" You must add this code into line 11, not on line 12. it should be similar to: parameters: images_articles: '%kernel.project_dir%/public/assets/general/news' images_items: '%kernel.project_dir%/public/assets/general/items' dedipass.public_key: '%env(DEDIPASS_PUBLIC_KEY)%' dedipass.private_key: '%env(DEDIPASS_PRIVATE_KEY)%' cache_json: '%kernel.project_dir%/public/cache/' services: it needs to be with the parameters and not on the next line. Cheers! Thanks again @XFallSeane for help resolving this <3
  6. I just now use your new files and same issue happen. It break the whole site (every page) there is also no log file that appears after this EDIT: I do steps: 1. update files 2. update services.yaml 3. clear cache -> site broken
  7. yes sir and I used the 2.2 branch files
  8. Thank you for the thread. I just needed to read it to figure out how I could create a Daily Reward System / Claim Items After x Time System. Global Variable (int): "Server Timestamp" = 0 Player Variable (int): "Next Claimable Timestamp" = 0 Autorun -> "Server Timestamp" = Server Time (ms) If player claims daily reward -> "Next Claimable Timestamp" = "Server Timestamp" "Next Claimable Timestamp" + 86,400,000 If "Next Claimable Timestamp" is less than "Server Timestamp" -> player can claim reward again
  9. Hi, I tried to do this and it broke the whole site. I got 500 Internal Server Error on every page after following steps 1, 2, 3, 4. (Yes, I used 2.2 branch) Anyway, I was able to restore the site back. Not sure what went wrong.
  10. Yes I just did a clean install of the 2.2 release on a new domain. Everything went as expected HOWEVER, when executing the update.sql file in the 2.2 Update folder, I did get at least one error. I believe it said 9 statements were executed, but there was an error updating cms_settings table if I remember correctly. I will send you log via PM now I went here and changed locale to en: "default_locale: en" and "fallbacks: - fr" But it is still in French. Maybe I wait for the guide on it if it is any more complicated than that? Some things seem to be in English.
  11. Hello and great work. I also get the 500 Internal Server Error when adding items to the shop from admin panel. Also, how do I change the language or setup the translation files? Thanks! <3
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