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  1. Bumping this one here. Dont know if i can do this, sorry mods if i dont. Just to say that i'm getting back with Intersect works, any interested person contact me at discord. tnx
  2. Its just the red flash at the enemy when it got hit It works by custom code
  3. As it name suggest, here is a camera shaking system attached to animations for Intersect. Embedded Video Link How it works Animations now got a property called "Camera shake" in editor, which provides a duration in miliseconds for the shaking effect. This allows you make small shakes for light hits such like earthquakes for big ones. Videos got really big at AGD posts so, here is a example of a long duration shake and a smaller one. Requirements Intersect version v0.7+ Git installed Support For any problems or doubts with this system, add me on discord: boasfesta#8721. Soon in Intersect, wait for it
  4. Embedded Video Link Testing some features together: -Fluid movement -Fluid knockback -Flashing hit -AoE basic attack -Camera shake
  5. I don't know exactly but you could start by checking if there is any PlayerData migration pending. Start by making an upgrade. Also, check server logs searching for any evidence about database errors that can help us to figure out whats happening. At last, try to set breaking points at saving player lines to check if everything is working ok. And use SQLite manager to check if only specific tables are not being saved. We can get more info about the issue this way. Just a question, it works okay this whole time? Do you know where the problem start to happening? I mean because there is an deleted migration at your diffy and thats a little strange, dont know if EF got problems with that.
  6. Nice bro! Just care a little about the details mentioned by Weylon and that project can be great! For sure will help a lot of people. Its nice to see more Brazilians in the community. Be welcome!.
  7. {@“\command”, string.Join(Environment.NewLine, topList.Select(x => x.Name).ToList())} should work
  8. You can. But that method seems to be called at every event command, so even if you're not asking for a toplist, the system will check the database for a ordered list. Consider making a cache if that becomes laggy. Just do that string.Join in a topList.Select(x => x.Name).toList(), it should world.
  9. Try to select all projects in a row just by pressing SHIFT Right click and select "Clean", after that do "Rebuild". Lets see if it works.
  10. Function public void HandlePacket(Client client, ChatMsgPacket packet) in PacketHandler.cs at Intersect.Server its a good place. And yup, you can show the player name since the list only order players by exp, but his whole data is returned.
  11. Try CTRL + SHIFT + B and then restart VS If doesnt work, show us your Project Explorer at VS
  12. Chesire is right. Caching its best way to keep performance. Try to declare an public static List and update it every 60m for example. But if you're using MySQL and considering that people wont check the toplist everytime. You dont need to worry about caching up at all. Even a huge table wont be affected that much. So for a command /top, just code something like this: if (command = "/top") { var topList = OnlinePlayers.OrderByDescending(x => x.Value.Exp).ToList(); var topListString = string.Empty; foreach (var player in topList){ // concat topListString here } //SendChatMsg blablabla topliststring }
  13. You dont need to use raw SQL, let EntityFramework do that for you. An example for what are you trying to do is OnlinePlayers.OrderByDescending(p => p.Value.Exp).ToList(); So you got an ordered list of online players by Exp amount. Put that in communication between packets so clients can see it.
  14. 1. Migrations should work good just by editing Intersect.Server/Database/PlayerData/Players/Guild.cs. Remember to use Add-Migration -Context PlayerContext 2. LINQ would be a good choice for that, so if the line goes red, remember to add using to System.Linq. You can get an ordered list just by doing Guilds.OrderByDescending(g => g.Value.FamePoints).ToList(). Dont forget that "Guilds" is a public static var on Guild.cs so you need to access its visibility outside the class doing "Guild.Guilds".
  15. I mean, it only uses the Model class. Other projects i worked on, migrations need both Model and a Config class for each entity using classes like EntityTypeBuilder, IEntityTypeConfiguration, ModelBuilder and stuff. Can anyone explain me? There is anything related to NoFody? The other projects are in NET Core but the EF should be that easy too (i guess)
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