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  1. Its better to work with real currency payments through an website than a desktop application, so you must search a little of webmaster knowledge for a start. Afte that just take a look for Paypal API usage tutorials. I recommend you to take use of Intersect CMS for a website base too. When the transaction is done, just send API requests for your server to give the shop items, everything you need is on the docs https://docs.freemmorpgmaker.com/en-US/api/v1/endpoints/players.html
  2. Probably this can help: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fehVTLNQorQ Remember to only put Intersect.Client files on the installer.
  3. Maybe its been overwritten by the database i guess? Its hard to know. You need to specify how your system work and what do you expect to do with it. But, why dont you use VitalsGiven/VitalsPercentage for items by default?
  4. Probably no xD But there is a command for that actually
  5. You can just keep the two IFs as you did Not the right way, the best you can do is to create two variables for fixed and percentage values and do the measure at the end, but it would cost more lines. For an easy way you can use inline conditionals just like that: classVital += item.VitalsGiven[vital] + (vital == (int)Vitals.Health ? Items[Equipment[i]].StatBuffs[23] : Items[Equipment[i]].StatBuffs[24]) + item.PercentageVitalsGiven[vital] * baseVital / 100; The conditional (vital == (int)Vitals.Health ? Items[Equipment[i]].StatBuffs[23] : Items[Equipment[i]].StatBuffs[24]) decide which stat use for Health/Mana
  6. I guess that you're making an GameContext migration and Entities are related to PlayerContext. Try use PlayerContext instead. If that doesnt work, try changing the column name for a constant string instead of using nameof. Dont know if that would work but its a guess. Also, in the last case, follow the Vitals example on the same file: [JsonIgnore, Column("Vitals")] public string VitalsJson { get => DatabaseUtils.SaveIntArray(mVitals, (int) Enums.Vitals.VitalCount); set => mVitals = DatabaseUtils.LoadIntArray(value, (int) Enums.Vitals.VitalCount); } [JsonProperty("Vitals"), NotMapped] private int[] mVitals { get; set; } = new int[(int) Enums.Vitals.VitalCount];
  7. The problem is happening because you are adding the stat just after the measure involving the baseVital. Cut and replicate the whole formula inside the IFs, so you just need to add the item.StatsGiven/StatBuffs after item.VitalsGiven. Remember to keep VitalsPercentage at last. Hope it helps
  8. There is a Example on InventoryItem.cs: if (mDescWindow != null) { mDescWindow.Dispose(); mDescWindow = null; } mDescWindow is an ItemDescWindow object (You can see this just by clicking F12 on it). So the only thing you need to do is to call mDescWindow Update function at InventoryItem Update(), right on the start: if (mDescWindow != null) { mDescWindow.Update(); } Do that for BankItem, TradeItem, EquipmentItem and ShopItem too.
  9. There is a "Locked" checkbox at classes editor. It wont appear at Create Char Window.
  10. Thats not so simple at all. Just noticed now that the ItemDescWindow only set the description color at the constructor so the flashing name would not work. To work with no-static elements you need to update them at running time, starting by creating a Update() function at ItemDescWindow and call it at every window Update function that uses a ItemDescWindow (Just like Inventory, Bank, Trade, Shop...). If you only want to flash the item name for Epic and Legendary rarity, jump to step 4. Then you need to reference the added label in ItemDescWindow, so change the public void AddText at RichLabel.cs from void to TextBlock so you can return the var block at the end of the function. After that, create a "public List<TextBlock> statListLabels = new List<TextBlock>()" at ItemDescWindow to hold stats (and another to hold vitals) and embrace itemStats.AddText at line 184 with statListLabels.Add(). Set colors with the previous codes at the ItemDescWindow Update function. Use itemType.TextColorOverride to flash the rarity color and statListLabels[stat].Color to change stats. Probably not so simple but it should work. Its a small generic system that can be useful for anyone, so maybe i can create a git patch and put on Itch.Io if you dont mind to share with the community.
  11. Yup, probably the item name color is defined by the conditional structure between lines 76 and 87, so you only need to add an IF after that checking the rarity for Epic or Legend (Dont know the exact number), in positive case, use the code below to animate the item name color. if (System.Environment.TickCount % 1000 > 500) { itemType.TextColorOverride = Color.White; } else { itemType.TextColorOverride = Color.Red; } Didnt tested it but should work, hope it helps.
  12. I guess that you just need to change the itemStats.RenderColor parameter under the AddText function at lines 152 (vitals) and 183 (stats). An easy way to do that is by creating a Color variable and a switch to set its value above the AddText command. An stat application example: Color renderStatColor = itemStats.RenderColor; switch (i) { case (int)Stats.Attack: renderStatColor = Color.Red; break; case (int)Stats.AbilityPower: renderStatColor = Color.Green; break; case (int)Stats.Defense: renderStatColor = Color.Orange; break; case (int)Stats.MagicResist: renderStatColor = Color.Pink; break; case (int)Stats.Speed: renderStatColor = Color.White; break; } And then change the itemStats.RenderColor parameter at AddText command to the variable (renderStatColor in that case). Example at line 183 where the stats are added: stats = Strings.ItemDesc.stats[i].ToString(bonus); itemStats.AddText( stats, renderStatColor, itemStatsText.CurAlignments.Count > 0 ? itemStatsText.CurAlignments[0] : Alignments.Left, itemDescText.Font ); Just repeat those steps for line 152 and it should work for Vitals too.
  13. Ah sure! That is a good way too. I thought to make the system that way but it probably would result on more merge conflicts in my case, since it would need changes on the editor.designer.cs. But congrats! Probably i would do it that way in my game
  14. You're absolutely right in everything you wrote hahah The system is a quite simple so i just modified the less code i can to avoid merge conflicts and possible problems (as you said) So when i use another existing elements for that there is a break of context, as you noticed with combat spells to buff exp, what does not make sense at all. Looking at it now, maybe i could just add a new spell type and reuse the existing editor properties instead of use the combat spell. But well... it works anyway hahahah About the plugins, most of people are using it? I heard it only works on the latest latest latest latest prerelease version. It works on server/client and i can add new spell types for example? I'm excited to make some plugins. Thanks for your reply and analysis
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