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  1. Just PM me whatever you have (as long as it follows the forum board rules), I don't care if it's dank memes, or just morally depressing screenshots from the shoutbox. I want you to inbox it to me. Don't ask questions, just do it.
  2. Mine is also open for random trash. Seriously though, JC, it's more then your mailbox, you should enforce the idea of no asking for random help through pm's. I get people asking me stuff randomly all the time and I don't even use the engine (or the forums). People will make posts, then watch the shoutbox for people to talk, then inbox people asking for support. This has happened to me many times already
  3. With three nuts, comes three times the responsibility.

  4. Quickly, Don't read this status update!

  5. Kasplant is the voice of a generation.

  6. oh my god. And who says nothing good ever happens in the posts?
  7. These things are just really effin' creepy, and a swedish child once told me that the emojis killed his grandma. Can we get real emoji's? Persuasion:
  8. Chief needs a dank tomato soup recipe.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. PhenomenalDev


      Shhhhh I was close enough

    3. Azkanan


      1) Go to a school.

      2) Gather children's tears.

      3) Consume with 125ml of tomato juice.

    4. PhenomenalDev


      1) Go to azkanan

      2) Call the police

      3) Drink the soup whilst azkanan gets arrested.

  9. lms if you gotta poop

  10. Some dog somewhere just got struck by lightning and can barely move. 1 like == 1prayer.

    99.9% of AGD users will ignore this status.

  11. I keep seeing this stupid thing on facebook and it cracks me up because of what a little angst muffin I was. Find a pic from your early preteen years and compare it to a pic of you today. People comment on your before and after pics. give me your worst! - My pubescent evolution -
  12. I found this REALLY angsty picture of me from middle school. It's now my profile pic



    1. Chief


      The most concerning part about this photo is the velcro strapped shoes. But yeah, you look awful.

  13. i'm assuming by webserver you mean you purchased a shared web hosting package from some website and you don't have a VPS or dedicated host. the answer is no, no you cannot.
  14. The fact that THIS is what came to your my greatly worries me.
  15. This one time, when I was 12, right? I was, like, totally eating this heavenly chilldog, yah? and i go to take another bite, like, really stick my teeth into this weiner. except... this bite...the chillidog was just... gone... poof... just like that. :\ spooked me, man... like... zoinks, scoob