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  1. Oddly's post in UPnP Problem With Hosting a Server was marked as the answer   
    Port Forwarding IS the process of allowing applications through your router's firewall and routing ports to a designated machine. By port forwarding, you've already allowed access through the firewall. If you've already port forwarded, the fact that uPnP is failing doesn't mean that you game isn't accessible from the internet. I would test it by connecting through public IP first and if you can connect, the uPnP error is just completely irrelevant and can be ignored.
  2. Oddly's post in Creating a game in the style of MMORPG was marked as the answer   
    Most of us kinda just threw ourselves into game design. When i was 12 i made a game called Psychic Journey which had literally no plot and random maps that looked like garbage, I learned how to script basic code, and when i didn't understand something i asked questions, and not just "how do I do this" rather, "how do i do this, also please explain how you got your answer." It's an art, and it takes time.
    Also, i wouldn't say "in the style of an mmorpg". MMORPG is a genre (a compound genre at that), not necessarily a style. Your game is either an MMO or it's not. The games around here are ORPGs, the part that would make a game an MMO would be the size of its community. Hence the "Massive Multiplayer" part of the title.
    As for finding guides and tutorials for how to create a game:
    This link should suffice all your needs and questions:
  3. Oddly's post in Server connecting problem was marked as the answer   
    Your port for intersect is set to 5402 but you opened up a firewall rule (port forwarded) port 5401. Try chaning both your WAN and local port to 5402 on the port forwarding rule.
    Basically the WAN port section of that setting is forwarding traffic  from the WAN port to the local port, the way you have it configured 5401 would be the port to connect to from the client, you should set the WAN port and the Local port to both 5402.

    What your current options are doing:
    Client sends packet -> Hits 5401 -> router forwards traffic from 5401 to whatever application is running on port 5402 on the local network.
  4. Oddly's post in Can I start the server on a web server? And if yes, how? was marked as the answer   
    i'm assuming by webserver you mean you purchased a shared web hosting package from some website and you don't have a VPS or dedicated host. the answer is no, no you cannot.
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