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  1. I made a thing (image)


  2. You don't gotta be a genius but it help to.

  3. Change tiles picker background color

    no problem, also i wanted to make a point about pixel graphics, it's typically a rule of thumb to not use pitch black #000000 or full white #ffffff in tilesets. I don't know if this applies to modern design, this was just something i remember from way back in the day. So if your tilesets use black, usually you would want to go with almost all the way black: #0c0c0c, #111111, Just a suggestion that will also stop your tilesheets from blending with the background. The rule has to do with alpha colors, because way back when, transparency wasn't a thing, you had to tell your graphics system to not render a specific color, we called this color the "alpha tone" or "alpha color" which would usually be represented by Full White, Pitch Black or a magenta color.
  4. Change tiles picker background color

    I've seen a lot of editors use an image of a duotone light grey checkerboard in the background to represent transparency. Photoshop does this and it seems to be Ideal kinda like this: Edit: Not really an answer to your question, just an implementation suggestion when you add in a suggesstion ticket. Edit: Some editors also use a dark grey version of this same image, but I think the lighter one tends to blend best.
  5. Anti Hack GHP [VB6]

    duping usually happens from unintended bugs. The more bugs an application has, the more of a chance that a hacker can use those bugs to perform malicious actions. Really all the "server authentication" stuff you're talking about is just logic. For example, that illegal packet example i gave, this would be server sided validation for that: If(isPlayerMoveIllegal && !PlayerIsAdmin) { kickPlayer(); // The data received was not a possible action } The idea behind it is that your server should contain all relevant game data, The end client should never be responsible for manipulating game logic. As far as memory leaks (to avoid crashes) go here's an example: My Packet: (Packet Size is 20)(Packet string size is 22)(String Within packet is "Hello World") The size of "Hello World" is 12 characters, not 22. But the packet that was sent in says it was 22. The amount of bytes received (the actual size of the packet with the header) is 20 bytes total. If i did not have fail safe logic, my application would crash, because the application would access memory it no access to. So to prevent this my pseudo code would be (basically): If(sizeOfString > sizeOfBytesReceived) { kickPlayer(); //attempted to cause a memory leak }
  6. Anti Hack GHP [VB6]

    changing an auth key is definitely NOT a way to stop hackers, i can make a process that fetches that auth key autimatically before running hacks. You cannot prevent someone from modifying your code, it takes little to no effort to decompile anything running on a runtime environment (C#, VB, .Net, Java) and if you understand assembly, it's not too hard to decompile and modify the source of an application without an RE either. if something is running on an end user's machine, they can change it. there is no stopping it. You MUST have server side validation to stop hackers from doing anything. This is actually something that's good to keep in mind when developing networked applications Also, i don't wanna sound like i'm attacking what you know and don't know about hacking, i just have a lot of experience with exploiting applications.
  7. Anti Hack GHP [VB6]

    If you are looking to build an anti cheat without knowledge of how cheats work in the first place, you're not gonna accomplish much. Cheat Engine "works" for everything exactly as Cheat Engine is intended to. All cheat engine does is grab the active region of memory your application is using and allows you to modify their values during run time. Why this doesn't "work" (meaning your cheats dont work on the server) for intersect is because you are modifying memory on your client machine, if you want to try to "hack" a game with a server, you would want to modify the memory that will be placed within Packet Information or modify the outgoing packet before it is sent off. Learning to read packet structures (which will be in hexidecimal) and how information is managed is a crucial part to understanding how to "hack" games to begin with. If a server application is built properly it will check for potential memory leaks to see if a packet, when received by the server, is attempting to access more memory than it actually has. This is how hackers crash game servers. The other thing is checking that the action and data within a packet is valid and possible (example of an impossible packet; a player is currently at tile 1,3 and a packet is saying they are suddenly at block 5, 12 without them hitting the places in between). If an application is built properly than all an anticheat application should check for is that all libraries and applications remain consistent throughout the application (meaning no one is running code injection, where (usually) libraries are replaced with modified versions during runtime with version that include malicious code). An anti-cheat application is basically a client validation check, and they're very easy to manuver around. Edit: Also, anticheats tend to check that known hacks are not currently running on the user's PC. That's what VAC does. Obviously VAC doesn't work because a hacker can modify an application's signiture and make it an "unknown" hack.
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    < O > I See Everything.

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  9. Graphics Oddly Doddly Title Screen

    I appreciate your existence.
  10. So i made the logo screen for my game
  11. Shoutbox is low key a time machine, don't be fooled.

  12. Hey! This guy's a BIG, STINKIN' PHONY!

  13. Games You Should Play!

    Superman 64, umm hello?
  14. (image) Got textures working...  :')


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  15. This place is weird.

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