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  1. Not your mom's buttermilk waffles.

  2. Click click click click

    Should I go for more clicks this year?


    Click click click click

    Or Should I follow the click in my ear?

  3. My advice to you stop focusing on the computer games and push your self to learn some useful skill related to software engineering. JavaScript is a relatively easy language to learn and there is a very high demand for NodeJs developers right now. NodeJs is a drug and all the cool kids are doing it, you should do it too. If you find yourself in a rut learning a new skill and can't find the motivation to keep up, push through it. It's called the dip, and every skill has this concept. Once you drive through the dip, it's only smooth sailing from there. Also, don't just stop at one skill. I'm valuable to my company because my company has a lot of different languages and applications which I have experience in each general field. The more useful items you can throw on the tool belt, the more you're worth. You don't need a degree in this field either. I have 2 years work experience and no degree and now I know I can always find a job. The big corporate leaders like Microsoft and apple will even tell you the value of a college degree in software engineering is declining quickly. Schools don't know how to teach software engineering. The good teachers and shit programmers and the good programmers are shit teachers . If learning seems time consuming for you or you don't think you're learning well enough on your own, message me. I used to teach and study a lot on the topic of better education. I can teach you some successful learning techniques that you can apply to habits and note taking to help you learn quicker. My favorite technique comes from my favorite quantum physicist, Richard Feynman who used to the nickname "the explainer" because his learning methods. Taught himself through teaching others.
  4. Welcome, here's a tree.


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Crest


      Damn, you got some dope trees around you.

    3. Rob


      Dude what about the tree you smoke smoke!

    4. Crest


      Those are dank trees

  5. Winners don't do drugs!

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    2. Rob



    3. PhenomenalDitto


      @Marsh and those are only the ones who got caught :P 

    4. Crest



      Winners Do Pugs

      Anyone remember that picture Benjo made after a tiny chat call that said "Crest's brother, humping dogs since 101 dalmations"?

  6. Please write something here.

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    2. Refur



    3. Crest


      Reply to this status...

    4. Crest


      I was trying to start a status chain

  7. Taking up freelance work again this week to help pay for the new apartment fees. Taking jobs no less than 100$. Send me a PM if you need programming or web design work done. No hacking free lance jobs this time around.

    1. Marsh


      New job aint doing it?

    2. jcsnider


      The first paycheck takes forever to arrive and I don't think he's even started working it yet. 

    3. Crest


      Yeah, my first day is on the fifth. Caley, my soon to be roomate, and I were given a really short moveout date.

  8. Need Help

    aww kibiiez beat me to it D:
  9. Where the hell is tinychat?

    1. jcsnider


      Tinychat was Sporks thing. I was the one who always removed the embed from the top of TOD.

    2. Crest


      lmfao. I miss spork, we need to get that dude over here

  10. I am please to finally deliver you all with the biggest news...

    I finally cleaned my fucking bedroom.

    After all these years after the tiny chat mockery. I finally got around to cleaning my bedroom.

    1. Kibbelz


      And i thought you were finally coming out of the closest @Crest :^)

    2. Crest


      ._. you are so late to that party it's not even funny anymore.


    1. Chief
    2. Crest


      Legen-wait for it... - dary

    3. Crest


      I love you how you spelled my way of writing eklepze perfectly

  12. I T ' S

    F R E E

    R E A L -

    E S T A T E 

    1. Refur


      wtf with your banner

    2. Crest



      I dunno dude, but it's free real estate


    3. Crest
  13. So, i've completely removed Windows recently as I know longer really need and thought i'd shared the new distro i'm using. It's entirely based off of arch, the installer let's you choose between 5 large desktop environments, I myself use KDE Plasma. You can choose to include the AUR (Arch User Repository). The distro is antergos, and it's heavenly.
  14. "Check-it check, check, my name is Crest.
    I've got huge breasts because as a child I was blessed,
    I be jerking off mad cocks,

    jerking off into my mom's tube socks.

    Honestly I like hard dick,

    I found a whole new use for my brother's pogo stick"

    ~Composed by Marshy Dearest,
    ~Performed by Crest Toothpaste
    (c) copyrights TouchOfDeathForums, 2010

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    2. Marsh


      We need the rap god title back

    3. Crest


      I want my rap god title back D: I was pink!

    4. PhenomenalDitto


      You could always perform this rap again :P 

  15. (picture without a need for a comment)