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  1. AGD Gaming Nights

    I'll just share the link to the game files in the discord but probably won't get to download them til i get home .
  2. AGD Gaming Nights

    Bumping the post, reminder gamenight tonight, we'll be playing Halo Combat Evolved. I'll be uploading the game files. Starts at 7PM EST. I guess we'll be using the old AGD discord since it still exists, if someone could pm me an invite link that'd be dopamine.
  3. Ain't nothin' sexier than physics.... Except maybe this pic of a bear riding abe lincoln monocle%252520bear%252520riding%252520Ab

  4. Not dead, just dead inside.

  5. Runescape 3

    im garbage bruh, i've been focusing on trying to get 75s in everything so i can get into priff for skilling
  6. Runescape 3

    im too lazy to do that too. I gotta login and use my authenticator on the site too
  7. Runescape 3

    im too lazy to log on.
  8. WIP Elder Tales - Fantasy MMORPG 2D

    Awesome design, though i do not recommend using Unity's networking for any MMO game, though they've done a lot of work on it in the last long while, it is anything but optimal.
  9. Runescape 3

    That dungeoneering, same.
  10. AGD Gaming Nights

    Shh, don't ruin the surprise ain't no one's gardens are in danger.
  11. AGD Gaming Nights

    I can get behind this. Alright guys, the game is strip Uno. Get ready to get naked, and destroy friendships.
  12. AGD Gaming Nights

    You're being toxic panda >:O
  13. AGD Gaming Nights

    im down for halo, i can get the client and share it later tonight. Might setup a Custom Edition server so we can do custom maps too. Edit: You all are too hard on minecraft, nothing is more fun than making giant squared dicks. EditEdit: If not MC there are great game modes on Garry's mod