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  1. Haha yeah, gotta love branding. Haha, well technically it's them getting ripped off. The only reason I'm using it is because when you register a new account they give you $200 in free credit and I have 3 separate cards I can use so thats 3-4 free months of hosting lmao.
  2. Intersect services as a whole are overpriced in the US. Currently Arcwyre is running off of a 2GB ram crappy Windows Server and it's $170+, and that's the cheap one. I know it's because its Microsoft but still.
  3. This is immaculate and I really, really, really, really hope this comes to fruition. I'd use this no doubt.
  4. hmu fam
  5. Fantastic work as always guys. Glad I was able to help ya out with a few bugs JC, I can't wait for Beta 4. Keep it up!
  6. Couldn't you just make a checkbox in the npc and event editor that says constantly animated?
  7. 1) That's ok haha, social media isn't for everyone. 2) I will be nerfing the boss along with Update 0.0.3, he was set to be so strong because his drop rates are very very high and I didn't want him to initially be too weak and flood the economy, if there even is one yet lol. 3) I'm in the process of creating the forums, the link will be posted here when it is complete. 4) I've fixed the Bag glitch as well as adjusted their prices c: Thank you for the input!
  8. Good work, but no spoilers! xD Also thank you! I'm currently revamping the overworld, dealing with all the bugs I come across and adding more detail and vibrance to the world. If you wouldn't mind why dont you share that screenshot on the Arcwyre Facebook page? It'd probably get people hype seeing media from a player c:
  9. So far my experience with this service is absolutely fantastic. It runs flawlessly, it's beyond convenient and simple to set up, and he even gives you the tools to change anything you don't like in the Launcher. Chronos is also very willing to work with you and make sure you get the best experience you can. 10/10 would recommend.
  10. All spells currently crash the server sadly :c And lol I'll fix that up too.
  11. Haha thanks for being honest, I'll patch that up.
  12. Thank you! Will do haha.
  13. Have you downloaded the new version and fully updated?
  14. What is the glitch? Also the server is back up I belive it has something to do with an attack animation not being found im working on it now, if the server goes down simply give it a few moments to restart