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  1. Yes. you can tie in event requorements to a variable. variables can be randomized from a minimum and maximum variable. >Set Variable >Random Low (1) High (10) Will generate a random variable between one and ten.
  2. WIP

    Hey hun I mean this in the best way possible but you need a lot of work on your maps. If you'd like you can PM me and I can help you out with some tips and some good tutorials.
  3. @deacondinkins For Arcwyre we use Dropbox. As long as you are port forwarding your server you can host it from your machine and both work through separate editors via Dropbox to keep file updates managed.
  4. Intersect has dynamic graphics. Your graphics can be any size (excluding gui elements) so long as they follow the format. For tilesets each tile must be 32x32px but can be any size as long as its a multiple of 32. Entities (enemies and sprites) can be any size as long as it is in a 4x4 format with the sprites facing the correct directions (reference the default sprites). Resources such as trees or mining ores can be any size but its recommended for them to be a minimum of 32x32 px and a maximum of 64x128 px.
  5. Wow this is really innovativeand a great addition to the community great work!
  6. You get that 100% drop everytime you "kill" the resource c: Resources basically act like enemies that dont move or attack if yiur fishing rod does one damage and the fishing resource has 3 hp it will take three attempts to get your fish c: Hopefully that was understandable its 5am lol
  7. Lol im not being lazy im writing an entire in depth Intersect guide
  8. This is very possible through switches. Ill be posting a large guide soon that will entail switches and the event system In short you want to make an event with the button tile graphic, make it so when its used it changes whatever switch to True. Then have page where the button is blue and make an event with a closed door then a new page with an open door and set the requirement to switch whatever is true
  9. Their is not. In fact to do this you would have to do >Change Item >Take Item x999 >Every item in the game individually. It'd be overwhelmingly tedious but possible.
  10. No problem! Dont hesitate to ask for help, this is a community meant to further indie game developers.
  11. It can be confusing at first hun, I'm write a guide up for you guys in the next couple hours and link you to it
  12. Why do we park in driveways and drive in parkways

    1. Hanox


      That's deep!

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      That's so deep I'm in China now :P 

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      B...but...the whole world...It's Madness!

  13. 1: There isn't support for multiple characters at this time. Once you create a character that character is locked to the account. 2: To delete account/characters you need to download SQLite or any database browser and open intersect.db in your server folder. Then simply delete the account you wish to.
  14. This is hawt keep it up