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  1. Arcwyre

    Lmao, what could it be? Who knows?
  2. Arcwyre

    Quick Note: Hello everyone, now that the workload for Arcwyre has been mostly completed I have much more free time and so I will now be posting regular Dev Logs updating progress towards 1.0 and beyond. You will be able to find these updates both on here as well as our social media pages. (We're getting a Twitter finally) Anyway, without further ado. -----Dev Log 7-20-2017----- This update will be short and sweet, I'm currently preparing a huge announcement which will explain, in detail, specific mechanics of Arcwyre. This includes the Campaign, Battle mechanics and strategies, a Bestiary, item descriptions and stats, first look insights into a few quests, as well as showing off our shiny, sleek, GUI 2.0. This was primarily to inform you guys of the new Dev Logs and I'll be showing off a bit of media to go along with it. Thank you all so much for your interest and support with Arcwyre, it means the world! Meda----- The New and Improved Almdale City Gate: Fully Animated and Functional Global Doors: (Don't forget to hold the door for old ladies.) Kalewood Forest South, a Level 6-8 Area Sneak Peak of Something Really Cool TBA: Entrance to The Almdale Catacombs, An End-Game Level 20 Dungeon: Quick Note: Every Dev Log will feature a snippet of lore, I will soon be hosting a contest exclusive to AGD which will require you to analyze these Dev Logs as well as the lore to solve a question. More details and rewards to be announced. Lore----- We Fall Together Closing----- Thank you for reading through and I can't wait for you guys to see what I have in store for the next Dev Log! Don't forget to like and follow us on the Arcwyre Facebook Page Thanks guys, see you next time!
  3. Arcwyre

    Hello everyone, I'd first like to thank each and every one of you on AGD for the constant support and love Arcwyre receives on a daily basis, it means the world to me! The past few months have given me time to seriously polish and improve this game exponentially, and we are nearing the milestone Alpha 1.0 release which will be the first TRUE release of Arcwyre. And while I love to share this experience with all of you here on AGD, I'd also like to expand the community by improving our public and social media presence. As of right now we are without a website and forum as well as the funds to provide one, at least until the release. So I'm asking for donations of any amount that you'd be able to spare to support Arcwyre! This thread will be constantly updated with the amount of total donations, and what they are being spent on to ensure maximum transparency. There are even some cool perks for donating! Donation Perks are as follows: You can donate here via PayPal: Current Donations: $50.00
  4. Arcwyre

    Bump Cleaned the thread up, please keep this restricted to questions and comments regarding the game itself.
  5. I'm in love with the skull poking out of the sand, did you do it yourself? The pixel work is impeccable.
  6. Did Diddly diddle the fiddle or was he fiddling the diddly diddle

    1. Puregamemale


      Swiggity Swooty I'm Coming for That Booty!

  7. I'm seriously gonna cry. I've been secretly laughing at almost everything you say since like 2008. I sincerely wish you the best and I hope you get better soon! You can push through and everyone here loves you, you're not alone <3 If you ever need someone to talk to im a PM away, should you stay long enough.
  8. Need Help

    Sadly not open right now as we are near alpha 1.0 but any developer has access to it of course. Hurry up with beta 4 and maybe i can get some devs kibz jeez <3
  9. Hello everyone. Im sure most of you on here are familiar with Arcwyre and a good few of you participated in the play test a couple months ago so I'll spare the large introduction. Sadly we just recently lost our lead content developer and its just me working on Arcwyre, which in it's current state is a massive undertaking. I'm looking for skilled mappers and developers to help push through this Alpha 1.0 milestone update which will finally express Arcwyre as a game and its future. I'm only accepting applications via PM. All applicants must possess at least some degree of skill with the Intersect Editor as well as examples of their work, hours they'll be able to commit, and their contact details This is a paid position, we can discuss payment amounts and methods privately if you are hired.
  10. Did Diddly diddle the fiddle or was he fiddling the diddly diddle

    1. PhenomenalDitto


      Fiddly Kong?

  11. Gem Launcher was discontinued and is currently full of bugs. Id suggest it works amazingly and the creator, @Chronos is willing to work with you if yiu need more space. Plus no installing or code, just upload your files and keep the file generated in your clown folder.
  12. Men are assholes c:

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    2. sadPuppy


      I think gender has nothing to do with it. Seems like person to person characteristics, but then again who am I to judge? Oh right a Puppy. By law of small dogs I sentence you to find a better person partner. Amen.

    3. Aesthetic


      This was literally just a joke joke not about anything in specific and it turned into a deep debate about gender somehow i love you all. Also phen you're free to roast but then i get to unleash a never-ending hailstorm of counter roasts for all eternity.

    4. PandaCoder


      I want Phen to roast now

  13. Yes. you can tie in event requorements to a variable. variables can be randomized from a minimum and maximum variable. >Set Variable >Random Low (1) High (10) Will generate a random variable between one and ten.
  14. WIP

    Hey hun I mean this in the best way possible but you need a lot of work on your maps. If you'd like you can PM me and I can help you out with some tips and some good tutorials.
  15. @deacondinkins For Arcwyre we use Dropbox. As long as you are port forwarding your server you can host it from your machine and both work through separate editors via Dropbox to keep file updates managed.