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    Holy smokes this project is starting to come together very very nice

  2. Poetry Thread

    I'm so sorry, my deepest condolences.
  3. Poetry Thread

  4. Poetry Thread

    A gentle caress caries me to sleep a world without sorrow a place I don't weep forever I wish I could stay in this place frozen in bliss the taste of your lips until the time that I rise despair in wake wishing to sleep again
  5. [Request] Need logo for Ruinic

    I'll try to throw something together for ya hun, gimme a day or two.
  6. ISOmetric movement

    As of right now, no. You'll have to wait for the source and have a programmer or extensive programming knowledge as it would require a change to a lot of the structure of the engine
  7. Rip azizele. AFK from AGD, but not forgotten.

  8. Last dev log before Alpha 1.0 will be released in the morning

    1. jcsnider


      So? Where is it!?

    2. intristin


      It's like Thursday, tomorrow of what year? You clearly left that part out.

    3. MCADAMS
  9. sum wun find me fookin maywedda

  10. Intersect Beta 4.2 Released!

    You break everything <3
  11. Hey guys Arcwyre isn't dead i promise im just really bad at remembering to post updates and ive had no internet heart react only pls


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    2. Agoraphobic


      Updates for the update gods!

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  12. Hey guys, sorry for the Arcwyre news delay, currently working with my artist on some deadlines as he's aiding with 90% of the promotional graphics we're going to use when we launch on indieDB,, and Social Media. 

    1. Agoraphobic


      I look forward to seeing everything! Best of luck!

  13. Arcwyre Our Amazing New Artist

    I know, his work is going to be mainly used for advertisement purposes and UI decal.
  14. Arcwyre Our Amazing New Artist

    Hello all, I just HAVE to share this. Recently I had an extremely talented artist approach me via Facebook, interested in a position as an illustrator. He didn't want pay, just the experience for his resume as well as portfolio building. After a test run he has joined the team as our Lead Artist. So I'd like to welcome Bhirawa2468 to the team! Here's his sketchmob so you guys can check out his work! And here's some of his work for Arcwyre so far:
  15. Arcwyre Dev Log 7-30-2017

    I'd like to stress this as I don't want anyone to have unrealistic expectations of Intersect Beta 4, these are mock images made in Photoshop, the GUI will be very similar in Alpha 1.0 with regard to the features listed being absent, at least until the source is released. Other than that thank you everyone for the input, it means a lot. I'm now online and working on the rest of the post so expect more within 1-2 hours.