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  1. Will you guys ever stop amazing me ?
  2. This is cool man! very creative.
  3. Awesome stuff guys!
  4. So I figured I would just bump this old post instead of creating another topic just for this, anyways I was playing around with C2's multiplayer functions and it's signalling server, kinda hating the way data is handled but yeah.
  5. Looks good, thanks
  6. Yeah, I fell asleep before the race finished, did not see that Trump got most of the senate as well.. Not sure what the hell they were thinking since Trump is kinda a loose cannon especially in the political game, unless they just wanted a monkey to toy around with so they could use him, maybe they think he's the type that is easy to convince ? dunno. True, but that's why we have have a shit ton of external representatives. He might be able to fuck up relations with someone who already has a disdain for us but it's the little guys you don't hear about who actually make relationships with others outside of the U.S, not just the U.S Pres.
  7. Doesn't really matter who gets in office these days, the final decisions always stay with congress.
  8. Have a good R&R JC.
  9. Welcome aboard Monvster
  10. Ahhh! These are so cute! Love um.
  11. I think Eclipse boards run on myBB which is great for full out customization.
  12. Is it just me or is there no MFA directory in the 0.0.7 download ? Or was the source removed ?
  13. Absolutely needs to be a sticky thread.
  14. Yeah C2 is actually great for mobile dev, spend a week playing around with it and you will come to love it ^.^ Actually working on a multiplayer platform shooter using C2+Photon.