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Found 8 results

  1. Quick pre-uploaderoni makaroni: Everything I'll post here is MY WORK, I do not support art thief Everything here is free to take and use Feel free to credit me or not. Now, to good stuff, I'll try to upload as much as possible and try to keep it updated and in as many resolutions as I can however (for now) I'll mostly dump things I do no use and have made in the past. So stay stuned, follow the thread and go with thee flooowww... Drop: NUMBERO UNO - UI elements, ICONS Basicly, it was made for RTS game that never seen the light of the day, so it's free to take and nom nom if you find it useful I'm glad Drop: NUMBERO TWO CAUSE I CANNOT INTO SPANISH - PORTRAIT OR SOMETHING? Basicly, it was random doodle, feel free to use if you can - i BELIEVE IN YOU Drop: NUMBERO TREE CAUSE I CANNOT INTO NATURE - Stone boulder or somekind of rocky rock pixelart 64x32 (I really should learn how to add more effictively cough cough) That's all for now, just wanted to make my own thread to have and slowly fill it with stuff I find. Hope it helps someone, if doesn't? Cool potato too :3
  2. Ive been messing around with the resources for crafting and cannot find what img type has to be in the resource folder for it to show up in the editor. any help would be awesome and thanks in advance.
  3. This is my topic where I will post all my graphics moving forward. I have for you now a nice realistic deer. All of my graphics are made by none other than me and i put alot of time into these as i have to rig and animate in blender and then snapshot the poses and arrange in photoshop https://imgur.com/a/QJ5X5
  4. When the game is ready, is there any way to encrypt the graphics so others can not get their unique game graphics? Tks.
  5. How do I add a new tool to resources? There is an axe, fishing pole, pick axe and a shovel. How do I add more?
  6. How do you make resources work? I made the resource. I made the tool. The resource has HP's and a reward. I just can't seem to collect the resource.
  7. Howdy, Is the built-in resource editor basically just for convenience Vs making events? Does it do anything I might not be aware of? Can I add tools in config with no problems? Just looking for any neat info on this feature.
  8. Hello, everyone! So, I've decided to attempt to take up pixel art. Here, I've attached my first two pieces: grass, and a path. Both are tilesets, both are formatted for autotiling. Each tile is a 32x32 square, so it's perfect for use in the Intersect engine! Of course, I'm not very good. Afterall, I just started, and these are literally the first ones I've ever attempted in my life. So there you go. Definitely leave some tips for improvement, if you'd like. I sure could use it. Also, if you use these in your projects, all I ask is that you credit me and maybe send me a link to check out what you're working on.
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