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  1. In some win10 and win11 pcs, we have this problem with "failed to load graphics device" Why this happens? How can we solve this problem for general? The .EXE file does not work, it it just clicked, and nothing happens
  2. nice FIXED, but when the player update your windows with the basic WINDOWS UPDATE software.
  3. Hi, the player have WIN7 i've said him to install!
  4. Just one of my players related this. He cannot connect to ma server because the server status says "Server Status: Unknown" He try to block firewall and even though can connect in another games,. why this happens?
  5. Fail to Create Graphics Device (If this topic is in a wrong way, please some ADM move my post in a correct way) This error shows when you try to open the Intersect Client.exe, you open, the file does not work and redirect you into a fix page. But even you tryng to fix, the tutorial is not work and you have to read the message "Sorry you are out of luck" Okay at this moment this is our problem, it happens more when you download the intersect engine for first time, and if you do this way, i think this solution can fix that! I've tryng many weeks to fix that and I search for some informations about and you have to do this way if you want to solve this problem.. It is a problem with tthe "MonoGame" and it depends of your working system If you have and use Windows 7 - I think every systems and PC's with windows 7 can work the intersect client (COMMENT IF YOU HAVE THE WINDOWS 7 AND THIS BUG HAPPENS}) Follow this steps to try to solve your problem. FIRST - Try to install .netframework 4.8 (this netframework is the most driver to can read the files of intersect. https://support.microsoft.com/pt-br/topic/instalador-offline-do-microsoft-net-framework-4-8-para-windows-9d23f658-3b97-68ab-d013-aa3c3e7495e0 SECOND - Install OpenGL - It can solve some errors and proccees in you PC because the openGL is a multiplatformer API and can solve some incompatibity by you operacional system. https://opengl.br.download.it/ THIRD - LOOK FOR YOUR ANTIVIRUS FEATURES - It can work because some antivirus can negate the reading of some archives, and the intersect engine can be removed and you have to create some exception or in other cases you may to change your antivirus software! for example - AVAST and INTERSECT SERVER does not work. FOURTH - Check if another software in your PC use the same system, and it putting some incompatible run to your intersect. Sometimes, some softwares can use this graphics systems and changes how your PC works! Try to uninstall this softwares (Maybe antivirus) and you try to open. FIFTH - THIS IS THE REALLY FIX ERROR IF THE 4 STEPS DOES NOT WORKING. IN MY AND ANOTHER CASES, WE SAW THIS ERROR ONLY IN THE WINDOWS 10. My case is WIN10 Home. So my client is working and when some atualization or news by the win10system is downloaded, the system cannot open anymore. It is because the windows 10 is working and getting new versions and proccesss every month. The system changed and your monogame has the failure. So, we tryng to know how this error can show in our system, and the question is up! SO PLAYERS WITH THIS ATUALIZATION ON WINDOWS10 CANNOT RUN THE GAME? A - I think it depends the, memory, RAM, PC proccess in little detaills to not run. SEE MORE DETAILS IN THIS WEBSITE https://www.oficinadanet.com.br/hardware/39260-driver-grafico-intel-corrige-windows-10-11 okay, so what we can do to fix? IF YOU ARE A PROGRAMMER OR GAMEDEV, YOU MAY TO KNOW THAT IF WE CAN MAKE OUR GAME WORKS, WE HAVE TO PAY SOMETHING!!! STEP 1 - GO TO YOUR WINDOWS UPDATE OPTIONS AND SEARCH "UNINSTALL WINDOWS ATUALIZATIONS" You may to find the programms and systems that your win10 is installed. You can search the atualization named looks llike: "Windows Atualization device" (KB5004385) (KB5115844) (Independ the last numbers, just find KB511 or KB500) So with right buttom, uninstall it, it can work your INTERSECT CLIENT. Every step this way, you have to desactive the automatic atualizations in you windows update, if you do not do this, the windows automatically will install this atualization again and in the second tryng you will cannot uninstall! STEP 2 - If your WIN10 installed in a old PC, i think this will contribute for the error, because the WIN10, WIN11 is focused in the lastests hardwares and PC systems. IF IN ALL OF THIS CASES THE PROBLEM IS NOT FIXED. STEP 3 - JUST CHANGE YOUR WINDOWS! TO WINDOWS 8.1, WINDOWS 8, OR WINDOWS 7. INDEPEND YOU VERSION OF 7 OR 8, BUT IF YOU WANT TO RUN CLIENT AS DEV. THIS IS YOUR GREATEST ACTION TO FIX THAT. In my case, i do every step here, and I have fixed by this way thank you for reading and i hope you can solve this and continue to make your super games!!!
  6. Okay, I understand this system does not work because have a custom compilation in another non available release, Can you tell us if this another release will be available this year?? Many devs wants this system, if you want to earn comission for spread that customs and change to our intersect engine, send for me message i pay help us
  7. i do not speak english and I did not understand the big red text, i've try to translate and read but i dont know what it said, its too better when you can explain in another way than you refer this text everytime it is too important for majority a good tutorial, especially this really great map system! It is a excelent pproject conngrats
  8. Please make a version for a lastest engine version <3 hve you tried? please tell me how its gone
  9. HAMACHI and NETFRAMEWORK is the problem, I really for personall and tests use you cannot install hamachi to your game. i'm using now Radmin VPN, but also too bad with various disconnects and 22fps
  10. Okay, i sent to him to send for me the logs folder. But one curiosity is in hamachi, when in the network ip list, the friend that can enter in server has the little green ball, (connected on my hamachi) but i saw the player that cannot enter, one little blue ball , (connected also) but what is the difference in HAMACHI when connected network has two different colors in my Network Friend List? (OBS - when friend pc is off, the little ball is grey) Do you think this can say sommething bout that problem?
  11. i think bou fresh copy as not, because the same download link has sent for two players and only one can enter. about netframe work problem, do you have some solution? thank you for message
  12. so we have one possibilitie, my friend has windows 10 and i think the windows 10 has netframework installed. As the intersect client want lastests version of the netframework, i think my friend's pc has one old version, and because this he cant download and install a new version, do you know hot to proced?
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