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Found 2 results

  1. Classic Hero Maker I wanted to show you a little project to which I dedicate my free time, I wanted to make it similar to "Mario Maker" so far it has been very little, but I constantly add new things for future updates, I leave pictures to show the project and its interface, too I will leave the download links in case you want to try it yourself, because my native language is Spanish the game is in Spanish language, I will soon add English. I also accept criticism and suggestions, I do not know if this section in the community is for this and I hope do not delete it xD. Images and Videos Updates and Changes Alpha Beta Links v.0.1.5 B 32 Bits v0.1.5 B 64 Bits
  2. So, I know most people here are probably not into Construct 2 or its event system. Its sort of like game maker because its not defined to any specific genre of game and your sort of starting from scratch. I like construct 2 because it teaches you how to program without ever having to code. It's event system is built like programming without every writing the code your self. So at the very least it teaches you to think critically and like a programmer. Its exporting options are sort of nice too, html, iphone, android and pc options. At they very least I love using construct 2 to build android and mobile games. I would personally never build a giant pc game with it but for mobile its awesome. What do you guys think of construct 2? I would love to create some tutorials if anyone is interested .
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