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  1. Hello,


    I'm looking for an artist to help with paperdolls, particularly to fit the LPC assets freely available through OGA: https://sanderfrenken.github.io/Universal-LPC-Spritesheet-Character-Generator/#?body=Humanlike_white&weapon=Thrust_spear&shadow=Shadow_shadow&sex=male

    The free stuff available has some gaps in armors, shields, weapons etc. that i'd like to supplement. 

    This has been a solo passion project so far and so i'm not sure what information you'd want, but if you're interested and available, please let me know and we can discuss further! Thanks.

  2. I'll take the commission if you still need it done.
  3. "Sprites/Tiles" means "or." I'll eventually have tiles foshow.
  4. Nothing extravagant, just some assets I made a while back. Hopefully, it can be useful.
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