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  1. Fantastic work.. It looks really sleek. I really like the chairs too. And wow, that's a lot of games!
  2. Latest creation for a client:
  3. The beige buttons look nice.
  4. Impressive.
  5. Added two more logos to portfolio, including my most recent creation:
  6. I'll have a more expanded portfolio very soon. Stay tuned.
  7. Opening this back up, as I am currently in need of the money. Cost for logos are a low 20$, and payment is only received if you are satisfied with the end result.
  8. You'll be there in no time. Great work guys!
  9. To Admins: Can I have this moved to Tutorials please? Thank you.
  10. Great looking UI, well done.
  11. Sounds awesome, keep up the great work.
  12. They look nice as far as overall design goes. But as DudeItsCorey pointed out they're lacking shading, making them look rather flat. Determine a light source and create highlights and shadows based on this light source. This will give more dimension to the characters.
  13. Not quite what I was referring to. Here is an example of good dithering, called interlaced dithering: Here is an example of bad dithering, which creates single pixel noise: The other issue is that the dithering technique is not used in the Time Fantasy tile-set. The result is that the house doesn't match the style as much as it could, if let's say a non-dithered shading technique was utilized. However, it is the right resolution and the saturation matches fairly well so it's not a horrible fit. Give it a darker outline (such as seen in the trees) and it will match a little better. Best of luck.
  14. Horrible advice to blur it. The shading is fine, and is how you would shade metallic surface with reflections. What's off is how it's dithered inappropriately. On another note, it does need an outline to match the current tileset.