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  1. Ok so the z dimension will not take too much ressource for the low spec pc if i use it alot?
  2. Does someone could tell ne what is currently the best way to create a z-dimension effect? If i'm right jcsnider said that the z dimension took alot of ressource. So does an z-dimension un evtnt would take less ressource than the real z-dimension ?
  3. If i'm right you need to set it like on your animation image. So if your projectile point at the top set your projectile at the top. Dont forget to check the auto rotation checkbox. Edit: you can use this tutorial. It's old but it doesn't have change.
  4. If you planning to start this type of business look the city before. Mine have a pc repair compagny almost every street. So take a look to this. To dont have too much competition.
  5. WIP

    @Yalashanda is right, i forgot to mention that feature is the event tutorial of @EVOLV . But like i said i will edit it. Eventually the player will be able to interact with them with another way. This will be implent in the alpha 2. The event editor give so much opportunity. I want to implent many as i can. Each update will add 1 to 4 event feature until the version 1. Edit: The pre-alpha version is finally finished but willn't be releash until the beta 4 of intersect. I already finish some part of the alpha 1, with hope i think i will be able to finish the alpha 1 before the releash of intersect. The alpha 1's feature willn't be available for the pre-alpha (squirrel, player house, part of the maps and other) I just changed the road map of the game to show the alpha 1 road map.
  6. WIP

    The development of pre-alpha version is almost finish. I'm currently waiting for the beta 4 releash of intersect to let people test the game. While this time i work on the alpha 1 feature. This version will include mouveable squirrel on the District Est, housing system, findable collectable capsules all around the current world. Other thing will be added too. I've started a new work, so i have less time to put on this project. My apolozies the development will be longer than i wanted.
  7. Graphics

    Personnally i think the second is tge best choice with character like this.
  8. @EVOLV I'm gonna add it with some edit, i found a bug for the link of the second sprite. you set it to redirect to the 129.png not the 130.png
  9. Damn I'm such stupid. I should create my squirrels with event. Good tutorial as always. @EVOLV is probably one of the best event users of intersect.
  10. I'm not at my home. But when i'm back i'll finish my housting system and will take a look on it after.
  11. Yeah sure you can do that but i want to show some "complex" event. After all it's the main goal of the topic. Those event are basically made for my game first ^^ But i dont really like how this event work. I'll change it to only use player switch. Like this every player will be able to buy the "same" house. So finally this event will be more complex.
  12. Does phen can take my place for tge week end ?
  13. I've finished the base of housing system. I fuck up the conditionnal part of the event, but it's still usable. I'm gonna fix it this week, each tutorial here are more basic version of my game's features. I'm not gonna put every feature, i'm just adding the feature that every game could use.
  14. But they did the vote while kibb wasn't here.
  15. I really happy to see that i've been select AGD is a big community. I'm sad to tell you that i will not have access to internet for the weekend. I'm gonna do my best to help you guys, good luck to every other temporary moderators.