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  1. Life Forge. Destroyer of Lives
  2. Rip. The update overview got 30x the amount of views as the spotlight xD
  3. Our very first community spotlight video!
  4. Forgot to post that.
  5. Holy hell. Been a long time man. Not sure if you know but we've just named a marsh in Life Forge after you haha. Good to see you around :D

    1. Draken


      LOL that's some funny stuff there XD. Guessing that is a project you are working on now?

    2. SkywardRiver


      rip I'll message you. Thought that was a message >.<

  6. how can i make my own game online and mutiplayer please help me!

    1. Show previous comments  11 more
    2. kamren


      oh never mind it works for me now that was weird lel but now i did what u said so if i send someone my game they can just download it and play it?



    3. PhenomenalDitto


      yeah but just send them the client folder.

    4. kamren


      k thanks


  7. WIP

    Looks flipping amazing. Good luck man.
  8. Problem couldn't be more obvious. You're using VB6... *buh dum TISS* As for actually feedback, make sure you have all the proper dll's and ocx's present and registered.
  9. Hello my friend, excuse my bad English use google translator. My language is Spanish.

    I love your Engine Skywyre Primitive v10. But I need your help, I need to know how the crafting system works ?, I do not understand.

    Please help.;D

  10. rip me
  11. Thanks! But it wasn't just me haha. Our whole team made this happen
  12. Yep!
  13. Hey guys! Life Forge Team here just wanting to give a HUGE thanks for all the support this last week! We have had an average of about 50+ players online all week and the game has received $1162 USD in Donations this week! Absolutely crazy! So thanks again everyone!
  14. Steam release on Monday! More news coming soon! Website: HERE