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  1. Story Today I did this on my project...

    Added a jump to my current project. Also got another job in the project that is my life lol
  2. Games You Should Play!

    As game designers, a surprisingly large chunk of your job is playing other games in search of inspiration and quality recognition. As such, I'll be putting together a list of games you should play! 1. Hollow Knight Frankly my favorite game released in the last decade (previously Bloodborne). Team Cherry built such an amazing experience with just 3 people, and they are selling it for $15. Playing this game will make you take a long look at the games industry as a whole. I can't gush enough about Hollow Knight. It's amazing, and with it's recent free DLC, it's only getting better. 2. Soulsborne Series I don't doubt you've heard how great these games are. If you're thinking about making a 3D game with a fluid combat system, play through Bloodborne and Dark Souls 3. Dark Souls 1 has the best level design in any game I've ever seen. Tons of stuff we can learn from From Software. 3. Enter the Gungeon Probably the most stylized, sticking-to-theme game I've ever seen, plus it's fun. Try it out if you wanna have a look at how to do Random Gen dungeons correctly. 4. Final Fantasy IX (9) Storytelling done incredibly well. Get 1 hour into this game and you'll really, REALLY want to see how it ends for all these characters. The fact that it's as old as it is only stands in credit for it's powerful storytelling. 5. Lego Worlds If you're at all looking into randomly generated content, take a good long look at Lego Worlds. 6. Shadow of Mordor/War Putting aside the greed of Warner Bro's in the most recent iteration of the Middle Earth games, the Nemesis system is incredibly put together and is worth looking at. 7. The Witcher III An open world done incredibly, almost impossibly well. A joy to play, but also a joy to learn from. 8. Stardew Valley If you need to see what polish truly looks like, Stardew Valley is one of my prime examples. 9. Depth Asymmetrical gameplay done incredibly well. Thinking about making an asymmetrical team based game? Take a look at how Depth did it. 10. Almost any IO Game A lesson in networking. Simple games, with not so simple networking magic being done behind the scenes. Take a look, and learn So those are my top 10 games for aspiring developers to take a look at and learn from. Got any you feel we can learn from? Post em below
  3. Story Today I did this on my project...

    I have work today so I didn't have a whole lot of time for game dev. Today I did a nice little Oak Tree
  4. Story Today I did this on my project...

    Today I'm fooling around with a new project idea. So far I've added Voxel-based collision which is far superior to mesh based collision in terms of performance. I've also added controller support, an attack combo system, and isometric view. We'll see what becomes of this.
  5. Story Today I did this on my project...

    Today I got some basic server connectivity in place.
  6. Something that keeps up good morale and motivation is sharing what you're doing on your game or project, so I'm making a thread in which you can share it. Try to do post here daily, as this sets a goal to make sure you always do something for your project! IE: Today I wrote a small script that modifies a plane in Unity to appear to have waves like the ocean. It looks pretty cool and I'll try to get a vid of it up before too long. Let's hear it lads and lasses
  7. Game concept...?TitleScreen.thumb.png.48d655c3cc03c223dc4f288d8964731c.png

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Kibbelz


      I've always been interested in taking a stab at a 3D game. Its nice to see from said single screenshot. I assume this is continuing that 3D sandbox game you were making a while back?

    3. SkywardRiver


      If I end up continuing work on it, it will be a something of a cross between FTL, Oregon Trail, and Sea of Thieves. (I think)

    4. Henry



  8. Story Indie ORPG Development

    I would indeed, depending on what distribution platform you're launching with, and how many players your server can handle.
  9. Story Indie ORPG Development

    Part 3 out now.
  10. WIP World of Adea

    Looks nice, but the art style of the mobs/characters clash with the map art.
  11. [WIP] Life Forge

    Halloween Event is now LIVE! Double Experience for the rest of today and Event lasts for the entire week! Grab your Ghost busting equipment and get your free Cosmetics! 'Player has been killed by' is now sent to map only House Deeds now use V to view in AH/Trade/Inv/Bank Shroomstrider cap has a Cooking recipe All known DX8 Errors have been resolved Any Time Limited item's added from this update forward will state Time Limited in Item Description along with an [L] in it's name Items: Malice Legs (Halloween Shop) Malice Mask (Halloween Shop) Cerberus (Mount) (Halloween Shop) Flaming Skull (Halloween Shop) Skeleton Skull (Halloween Shop) Reaper Costume (Halloween Shop) Oculothorax [Transform] (Halloween Shop) Mutitus [Transform] (Halloween Shop) Tentacle Eyes (Halloween Shop) Lich Kings Garb (Boss Quest) Lich Kings Helmet (Boss Quest) Horns of Dybbuk (Boss Quest) Ghost Costume (Quest) Pumpkin Heads [Silly, Angry, Happy, Standard] (Quest) Red Pumpkin [Chest] - Open to get 1 of the following Red coloured; Lich Kings Garb, Lich King Helmet, Skeleton Mask, Horns of Dybbuk, Ghost costume, Tenticle eyes, Flaming Skull or Reaper Costume Blue Pumpkin [Chest] - Open to get 1 of the following Blue coloured; Lich Kings Garb, Lich King Helmet, Skeleton Mask, Horns of Dybbuk, Ghost costume, Tenticle eyes, Flaming Skull or Reaper Costume QOL Raid Hud is now above quest tracker Raid Hud HP/SP bars no longer default to 0 when over maximum Cursed Ore Mine now correctly resets Auction House no longer accepts Bids higher than it's Buyout Auction House's Minimum Bid is preset on Buy window Potions from Chests no longer have a Value of 0 Projectiles no longer cause DX8 errors on map edges Escape now shows Options Menu 'Leaving' a Party auto joins Global Chat Can no longer join Party Chat with no Party Double clicking a Stackable then Double clicking another stackable no longer hides chat Double clicking a stackable then walking off now closes Currency window Deed & Auction House Signs have been replaced
  12. Story Indie ORPG Development

    A somewhat hastily written Part Two is now up for reading. Part Three will be going over how to handle Staff to Player interaction and communication in ORPG development.
  13. Story Indie ORPG Development

    It's still brought up by those ignorant in their community to my role in Eclipse xD
  14. Story Indie ORPG Development

    Much of this addressed in Part Two Gamejolt is one of my favorites, but you'll never reach as many people as Steam. Much of a headache as it is, it's still my goto.
  15. Story Indie ORPG Development

    Basically Steam judges your game and tries to gauge how much money it will make. If they think it's gonna be the next Stardew Valley, they can charge you up to something like $5,000 or higher.