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  1. Graphics First Time Arting - Naruto

    Nin Online somehow manages to stay online and they use locations straight from Naruto if I'm not mistaken. They do turn a profit and whether this is from no one reporting them or what I don't know, but I honestly wouldn't risk it. If you are set on making a Naruto game, I'd make it a free to play with no profit model. A passion project if you would.
  2. [WIP] Life Forge

  3. In Memory of Lumiere

    So in regards to what happened, I wanted to say a few words and to encourage others to do the same. Lumiere and I hardly ever saw each other eye to eye, yet she remains in memory one of my oldest relations on the internet. Over the years she gained my grudging respect and she made me laugh more time times than I can count. She was without a doubt one of the most interesting and talented people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. She'll be greatly missed.
  4. Is there a way to keep game assets from getting stolen?

    Encryption will stop any happy go lucky "game dev" that wants to rip your graphics to use them in some half-ass project. Life Forge ORPG uses a very powerful encryption system, and 3 members from AGD alone were able to get access to our graphics when they set their minds to it. However, these members are far more advanced and competent than the mentioned "happy-go-lucky". The end result? You'll never be able to 100% protect your graphics. You WILL be able to stop most everyone stupid enough to try and steal your graphics and get away with it.
  5. Surprise in regards to RPGMaker graphics. Should be available here.
  6. Surprise in regards to RPGMaker graphics.

    Yep. Time Fantasy and several others have no restrictive licenses with RPGMaker. Though, you may want to purchase the actual Time Fantasy package from the designers rather than RPG Maker.
  7. Need Help Looking for 3D Modeller

    Too risky haha. Can't have too much info of the project "on the streets" as it were.
  8. Need Help Looking for 3D Modeller

    Looking for a 3D modeller that can do good low-poly static models. (In a pose like a miniature) Primarily medieval humanoid models will be needed but other things like trees and other terrain will be needed as well. If you're at all interested, shoot me a PM. This post is purposefully a bit cryptic as this project is a bit under wraps and will be for a while more. I'm currently camping but (if I have service) will gladly make the time to write back to anyone at all interested explaining a bit about the project and any other info you may need/want. Thanks a ton, SkywardRiver
  9. Approve. If you have em, try to get some screeshots up when you can. Looking forward to hearing more about this project!
  10. Arcwyre Dev Log 7-30-2017

    Looking good as usual! Keep up the great work
  11. Age of the Four Clans [ALPHA]

    Very, very nicely done. I see this going places
  12. WIP Shinki : Sacred treasures

    Approved. Really looking forward to more info on this project
  13. Graphics Graphics Style vote

    You could make a commercial game with either and people would buy it. Personally I like the pallet of two but the structure of 1.
  14. ResBak Online Source

    It's possible. However if you wanted to do something real and get it up on Steam or have a solid playerbase of any kind, you'll want to look for other options. The last "big" eclipse game to use this engine spent 3 grand (so far) to get this engine in anywhere close to working bug-free condition. Personally I would wait for Intersect (you can even start on your maps and content now!) but if you insist on using an Eclipse/Mirage engine, I would go for the SEB Engine, EVB, or even Final Frontier. All are far superior, reasonably stable alternative's to ResBak. Hope this helped!
  15. I need comments!

    Wait is that the Lord of the Rings font? Hahaha, looks good either way.