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  1. WIP

    Approved. Really looking forward to more info on this project
  2. Graphics

    You could make a commercial game with either and people would buy it. Personally I like the pallet of two but the structure of 1.
  3. It's possible. However if you wanted to do something real and get it up on Steam or have a solid playerbase of any kind, you'll want to look for other options. The last "big" eclipse game to use this engine spent 3 grand (so far) to get this engine in anywhere close to working bug-free condition. Personally I would wait for Intersect (you can even start on your maps and content now!) but if you insist on using an Eclipse/Mirage engine, I would go for the SEB Engine, EVB, or even Final Frontier. All are far superior, reasonably stable alternative's to ResBak. Hope this helped!
  4. Wait is that the Lord of the Rings font? Hahaha, looks good either way.
  5. Excellent tutorial and general use of the event system. Keep it up!
  6. Shhhh, we don't speak of that jc lol
  7. Oooo I hope it will be quite dense in terms of content, Colonello! Lots of cool pics here, can't wait to see the games here in action!
  8. WIP

    The project gets better every time I check in on it. Keep up the good work!
  9. Heya lads and lasses! You should be seeing a lot more of me in the next few weeks. I'm really excited to have been given this amazing opportunity and look forward to helping out wherever I can. See ya around o/
  10. good night...
    i need a good engine... and i'm seeing your skywire engine....
    but i'm not have the link to make download.
    can i use the skywire? can you give me the link for donwload?

    1. jcsnider


      Skywyre is here buddy: 


    2. Phantom Builder

      Phantom Builder

      thank u a lot

    3. Chief


      ur welcum

  11. Hey man,good night.
    do you finished the engine that you use for "Eclipse Origins Odyssey"?
    this is the engine that you are selling,isen't is?
    i'm interested,thank you a lot!! 

    1. SkywardRiver


      Aye it's for sale, but it's sold as is and no longer supported by myself or my team.

    2. Phantom Builder

      Phantom Builder

      what is the systems included on engine?


    3. Phantom Builder

      Phantom Builder

      Or skywyre

      Why i can't use it?

  12. If I wasn't pre-occupied with Life Forge, I would definitely pick this up. Hopefully someone competent buys it and turns it into something awesome.
  13. Hello baby!

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    2. sadPuppy


      I'm sorry but according to law of "FIRST" Ur baby is now Phen.

    3. PhenomenalDitto


      No problem here ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    4. Puregamemale


      if everyone would know whats going up!

  14. Can confirm. While it stops most munchkins or trolls from just ripping your custom art, if someone REALLY wants it, there's absolutely nothing you can do to stop them.