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  1. Hey guys! Life Forge Team here just wanting to give a HUGE thanks for all the support this last week! We have had an average of about 50+ players online all week and the game has received $1162 USD in Donations this week! Absolutely crazy! So thanks again everyone!
  2. Steam release on Monday! More news coming soon! Website: HERE
  3. Wish I had this before me and Zeta began working together. Woulda come in handy when I was using RMXP. Good resource, thanks for sharing
  4. Hey guys! First off, sorry for the lack of communication of late! We've all been super busy working on Life Forge these last few days to give you all the best experience we can! So, as you can probably discern from the title, we're going to have to delay our release until next Friday/Saturday. We simply could not finish all the new zones, features, art, and content we intend to release with in time. We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience and we hope we can appease you with these screenshots of some of the new content we'll be Launching with Again, we're very sorry for the delay, but we feel it is the best for everyone involved. More news on the new content and features soon!
  5. Kind of clashes with the feel IMO. I feel like a little more streamlined, clean UI would feel better than the "gritty" textures on that. Layout looks epic though haha. Can't wait to see more from this project!
  6. Party EXP is now alot higher than it used to be DX8 Errors should now be at an all time low Increased Server Stability Visual Bugs Fixed Can now spend talent points from any resolution PvP Rebalance Guild Menu Now Scrolls and displays all names correctly Duskin Pyramid Raid Released - Nika We now log all player deaths Lag issue has been fixed Logs have been cleaned up to be sorted daily New A* Pathfinding. Much more efficient and intelligent
  7. I'm very pleased to announce that Life Forge has been greenlit with a Steam release expected within the next week! Thank you all!
  8. Multiple Resolutions (more coming soon!) Optimized Game Performance. You should see an increase of more than 100-200 Frames per Second. No more CPU drain on Game Menu Hotkeys for Menus (IE "I" key for Inventory) Little Bug Fixes and Optimizations It's worth noting that this update requires a fresh install via our download link. Sorry for any inconvenience!
  9. All Intersect maps are one set size, so you'd have a hard time of it either way.
  10. Make sure all your sockets are properly aligned.
  11. Game Window now Displays your Character's Name - Suggested by Xlithan You can now invite players with a space in their name to a Guild Bug where you could get stuck from events is now fixed Guild Recruitment Level is now 10 Damage numbers now display correctly for PvP New Items Fixed QTargetting Parties can no longer recruit someone 5 levels above or below them PvP Rebalance Several Fixes Spell Uses now Display in Hotbar Desc New Tab in Character Window. Let's you see Raw Stats without taking off Gear Spell Scaling has received a huge revamp. You should see much better scaling with this new formula PvP Combat Re-balance Item Descriptions will now display "Can't Use" in Red Text if you do not meet the stat requirements Item Descriptions will now display "Class Locked" in Red Text if you do not meet the class requirement Fix for Bosses Warping Out of Map Bounds Cleaned up Stealth and Mounting Packets. No more jittering when using either AoE Buffs Fixed Darkside Skill Changed Minor Bug Fixes 22 New Spells/Skill throughout the game Can no longer "speed hack" by switching items Numerous Exploits found by Zonticore are now patched - Thanks Zonticore! Members will now have specific Chat Colors Some Damage Formulas have received a rework Upon casting a spell from Stealth, you now leave Stealth Z now AutoTargets your character Multiple Flying Mounts on one map will no longer stagger/jitter You will no longer show random number counters beside your materials Other Bug Fixes Since our Open Alpha Release
  12. Guys please read the date on this lol.
  13. Thanks a ton, Murdoc! We've been incredibly busy adding content and patching bugs found by our awesome little growing community! A huge thanks to all those who have supported us thus far
  14. We have haha. It's not going to stop First Glance denounces like Grabax though
  15. Looks like we're already a 5th of the way there to where most games are greenlit. Thanks a ton guys!