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  1. oOScuByOo

    Realm of Gourd - Rebirth

    Hell men you go fast ^^
  2. /////////////////////////////////////////////////// Error Description /////////////////////////////////////////////////// The client crash after selecting the player slot before enter on map. ( This is due to the player portrait ). /////////////////////////////////////////////////// Replication Steps /////////////////////////////////////////////////// Add a portrait to the player ( if you create a class without portrait and modify it with in game event you will have the same crash on portrait change. ) /////////////////////////////////////////////////// Attach Screenshots/Other media //////////////////////////////////////////////////// /////////////////////////////////////////////////// Attach Error Logs //////////////////////////////////////////////////// Only Client crash no error log on the Server Side : http://www.ascensiongamedev.com/resources/filehost/05f0cff24868641018bdd43821493cd0.log ( all errors was the same just the Time varies cause i've test multiple time for being sure it's due to the editor and not an error of myself before post it ^^' and forget to edit it =s ... )
  3. oOScuByOo

    Nightmare Showcase

    I think the blue carpet with yellow decoration was just perfect, it cut the grey aspect of the whole room, maybe just made it more neon blue like the orb liquid one =)
  4. oOScuByOo

    Realm of Gourd - Rebirth

    Look really cool so far, your game will have a unique spirit =) Keep it up
  5. Translated 1400 lines of code ... Want to die !

  6. oOScuByOo

    Palette Giveaway

    Thanks so much need color scheme for customize the tiles <3
  7. oOScuByOo

    Nightmare Showcase

    Pretty cool bro give me more inspiration =p Keep it up =D
  8. oOScuByOo

    Steel & Fantasy Online

    Salut @Gorg, Après lecture de ton topic je déterre un peu le topic pour savoir ou en est ton projet ? Je trouve les maps très sympa et tu a fait un bon boulot avec les Ressources de TF. Je te souhaite bon courage pour la suite et espére que le projet avance.
  9. oOScuByOo

    Systems I want

    It's pretty hard to give an estimation without the actual sources as without see how the code was build we can't estimate the number of files to modify and how many time it will take soooo for an estimation i think is too early for the moment. But what i can say is when the sources will be release i could try to do at least the Hair system & Transformation spell upgrade but only for free and if you agree if i share the source modification to the community, don't want to be paid but i prefer anyone could have it ... =s
  10. oOScuByOo

    Using powerfull computers through raspberry?

    Hey =) As i have first answer to your question if you want to only control any computer if you have SSH installed or putty under windows you could have the control via Shell at anytime ... But with the others question you ask i think it's not what you want ^^. I think you was asking if you could buy a "cheap" computer for running a Virtual machine with the exemple you give me 8 CPU's and 16GB ram ... So to be brief yes you could ... But to be more realistic it's not possible ^^. I explain : You could use a virtualisation software for simulate the Machine you give in parameter, the problem was the next, when you host a virtual machine what happen is you share your real ressources ( the one your computer have ) with all the virtual instance you've created. So if you use a Raspberry, lets take the 3+ you will have a Quad Core with 1GB Ram ..., so you could create 4 VM with One Core and 250MB ram each, which be atleast host 10 people with Intersect i think. So this is how work a VPS ( really basically more complex in reality but if you have this in mind you'r good to go ^^ ). So for your answer, i think the best option for you was to buy or rent a VPS on AWS ( Amazon ), OVH, One&One, Intersect Solution ( i think it's the best if you don't want to merge to updated version as JC provide it to us ^^, thanks GOD =p ) But ... The first question you should ask to your self was ... What's the status of my project, do i need an Online Hosting solution now or should i host it my self ... As JC said Intersect was well coded and didn't "eat" a lot of ressources for server running ... So with only a Custom Mini PC for less than 300$ you have a self hosted server at home if you have at least a 1GB connection i think it's perfect for your needs ( if your game growth you will have to invest in some protection like SSL, a Symmetric NAT for improve connectivity or a Domain Name .... That's just exemple ) And as i Said in the beginning of my post you could use SSH for connect to any PC wich was reachable, via your laptop, any PC or android with some knowledge ^^ and with all Operating System ! Hope i have clearly explain and answer your question ^^ Edit : So you didn't ask why i think x) ... As @panda say's as VM with what you need was really expensive ... And build your own computer was the same cost as rent a VM for 8 month ... So you should really consider to buy your own computer instead of rent a Virtual One as @jcsnider said if you have some lag you will snatch your hair x) ...
  11. oOScuByOo

    I made something! ^.^

    Love the colors you use for ^^
  12. oOScuByOo

    Nightmare Showcase

    Hell yeah !!! Add some more ambiant to the game like it buddy
  13. oOScuByOo

    Dev Blog 5/3/2019 - Combat + Event additions

    Just awesome ^^ it will be very cool to work with this feature specially the Shield and on item equipped condition =p Hope to see more Keep up the good work !
  14. Try to upload myself on cloud ---> Status Failed ---> RTFM AGAIN

  15. oOScuByOo

    How Blocking/Parade is Working ?

    Thank you JC as ever the best ^^ edit : I've found the Block Slow option under config.json but i didn't find the Damage reduction ^^', and i understand well how it's work basically all shield share the same % ... So do you think you could plan to add an option to modify this value by shield instead of whole shield on the items editor in future update ? =) Thanks =D