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  1. I am having an issue with locating where to disable the password from saving. I'd like to be able to get the save account information feature on my computer but when I give the client away it wont save my information for them as well. I know there was a feature for this, but I can't seem to locate it. Thank you.
  2. Class Editor Scaling Amount

    can you please give me an example? I dont think I quite understand.
  3. Class Editor Scaling Amount

    Tittle says it all. When I was working on the classes I noticed this. what does this mean and do? Thanks
  4. Adding Class Images

    Whenever I try to add an image to a class im creating it gives this error.
  5. Just questions!

    I get this error everytime I try to add a class with an image. Any ideas?
  6. Just questions!

    No idea what happened.. but they move now.. I just logged off and on.
  7. Just questions!

    Absolutely here you go.
  8. Just questions!

    Tittle pretty much says it all. When I placed a NPC on the map. They are not moving. I added speed to them but they still dont move. Edit: They are also not taking any sort of damage when i swing at them.
  9. Free Undertale MMO Serverfiles + Client

    What does this stuff exactly include.. im sorry.. i dont understand.. Are these like maps or something?
  10. Few minor questions#2

    Alright Thank you.
  11. Few minor questions#2

    Questio #2: There currently isn't a way to adjust stats on one class and it adjust for every person in game right? If not, is this coming in the future?
  12. Few minor questions#2

    Oh ok sorry.. i misunderstood
  13. Few minor questions#2

    So if i set the time editor to every 10 mins. whats that really mean?
  14. Few minor questions#2

    still looking for answers.
  15. Few minor questions#2

    my day and night toggle doesn't seem to work.. how does the day and night exactly work? Answered.. Thank you.. Question#2 up