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  1. Update: Map Properties To-do: Map Type - Grid / Pixel-Based / Platformer-Pixel-Based. Preferences Choose the light or dark theme & those preferences will be saved. Object Editor: Graphical Reference I know I haven't talked about objects yet, but I will explain them in great detail in the future. The "Graphical Reference" section in the "Object Editor" is where you define an objects graphical representation in the game. The graphical representation displayed is based on the objects state & direction (defined in the "States" resource editor). The graphical representation can either be of an "Animation" or "Image" graphic type. In this screenshot, I have chosen the "Animation" graphic type.
  2. I can reassure you all that 2ME has not been abandoned. More updates soon!
  3. @pLeetalmost, but not quite. You can do this with regions, but this is not their only purpose. @Dashplant Regions can have a number of points defined on a map. If you look at the first screenshot on my previous post, you will see two blue rectangles, these are two points that I defined for the region I called "TP". Once triggers have been implemented, you could Set a trigger to create an NPC within the specified region (or a random point within). Perform a specific action on a player or NPC when they've entered or left a region. For an example, this could be used to flag PvP zones, or display text on the screen as @pLeetcommented. Stop a player or NPC from passing into this region (such as, they require a key [for a door] to move through. Move a player or NPC from region to region (walk-to, or teleport). And many more possibilities. This feature was inspired by the Warcraft 3 Editor.
  4. Implemented "regions" in the UI. Regions will allow you to define "actions" on specific entities when inside (entering, inside or leaving). Also, toying with a new GUI (currently set to 'dark' theme). You can define the regions name and colour displayed in the UI.
  5. Spread the education - keep it up I have transferred my plans to a "public" trello board for everyone to view. This will create some transparency. The trello board will display what I'm currently working on in the form of "Stretches"; defined as: An itemised list of target features to be implemented. There are 7 planned stretches as of this post. More will follow in the future.
  6. It's not that I haven't decided or not to add them to the tool (poor wording on my part), it's that it isn't a priority & I haven't put thought into it yet. Thank you for your input though, I greatly appreciate it - your experience has brought this to my attention.
  7. Server data being data the client doesn't need to know about, e.g game logic, as I've taken a server authoritive design (more on this later). Data sent to the client is minimal outside of authentication, so no encryption past user authentication is used. Like every game, people could potentially rip your assets, as even when encrypted, they still need to be decrypted by the client. So the information exists client-side. Languages for the actual tool itself is yet to be decided, as it's not in my focus currently.
  8. @MohenjoDaro The languages are saved to external files & loaded on startup. I want to stray away from text-editing where I can. Users would only have access to client data as you would expect with most games; the server data wouldn't be obtainable however, making it incredibly difficult to "rip off".
  9. @SpiceyWolf I disagree, I'd say it's a design choice (especially if the game is intended for open-source). I agree however that adding more customisation can also have a negative impact: complexity. I will be trying my best to address this in 2ME. @Xenogene I completely agree, while they attempt to reach a similar end-goal, I believe they will both attract different audiences. Thank you for your support!
  10. @SkywardRiver I appreciate it. I'll continue to post more updates when I can!
  11. @Weylon Santana do you stream on the engine, showing how it works and etc, or does videos show how it works? In future, I will make videos that will help describe the tools features in a visual way. @Dashplant In the absence of source, will you include a plugin system or something similar so not every project made with 2dME will be the same? Yes! As mentioned, I don't want people having to edit the source to make the engine work for them, I want them to be able to use 2ME's trigger system & advanced customisation; for advanced users, they will be able to create plug-ins - but I don't want it mandatory to make your game "feel" & "look" different to others built in the same engine. More on this in future. @Kibbelz I've addressed this already. Note for future: I will stop addressing "demanding" (e.g asking me to provide "evidence" like I owe you in some way - it's a free tool!) comments as I believe they do a disservice to not only developers working on free tools, but the community as well. Thanks guys, appreciate the feedback & I'll post more soon.
  12. @Weylon Santana Thank you for your interest. I will happily answer questions about the project. Will it be free to use? The short answer is yes. The long answer is, it depends on: Public interest - If a lot of people are interested in this project, I'll happily commit more time on the project. Public support - If the above point (public interest) is high, would there be people out there willing to help support me financially developing the tool? As I'm a full-time Software Developer, this tool will unfortunately remain 2nd in priority; unless, as mentioned, there is a public support. If I could dedicate my full-time to this project, support myself & family - I would! Or alternatively, would people want a 'comercial' product? Already own website? Not yet, this will come in the future once the tool has progressed & gained more attention (I hope). Do you want to do open source? Also not yet, this isn't out of the question. This also heavily comes down to your first question & the projects popularity. The philosophy of this tool is to not require source changes to drastically change core mechanics (more on this soon). Are there places to be able to follow you? Sadly...again, not yet! But this is coming shortly, that is a promise. I will provide a lot more details soon, including a development timeline & what I'm currently working on. Are there more people on staff besides you? There is one additional member - graphics artist. I want to be able to ship exclusive 2ME graphics. There will also be more on this shortly. Do you work on more than one project? I work full-time as a Software Developer to support myself & family. This is my 2nd priority. Do you want to give this engine a long time? Yes. I want to use this tool for myself also! I was sick of tools not bridging the gap of easy-to-use & customisation without needing to edit the source. Does streaming or something like that always present the engine and such? I don't quite understand this question. Do you mean will I stream development of the engine, or; does the engine stream it's content to the server? And finally, in how many months [or years] do you think you will have a ready '' functional '' base? I am aiming for the final last quarter of 2019 (perhaps December) to begin closed alpha testing (whether this be based on additional team members or supports is yet to be determined). I am aiming for the tool to be "ready" by mid next year. I hope this clears things up. @panda I have the client & server ready. I worked on the client / server all throughout last year - that is where the bulk of development has been spent so far. As I'm very busy, the least amount of time I've spent is showing progress; there is a lot to show & I'll be happy to show more, just be patient! Thanks!
  13. States & Directions Configure all character states (except the defaults). Custom character states can be set via the trigger system (TBA).
  14. Languages All game originated entities (e.g items, classes, quests, UI elements etc.) will require a "language item" [or number of] to be created for it's textual representation in the game. You will be able to set the default language that's displayed in the editor (rather then just seeing the name of a language item, you will also see the text attached to it too!). This is the language item editor:
  15. @Dashplant suggestion has been added to the list of features due to it's popularity. This will be an option. @Xenogene Thank you for the advice, I will take this into consideration. @Gibier Great point. Thank you for the feedback everyone. I will keep the thread updated with progress.
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