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  1. RIP Chester.

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    2. ClownPrince


      R.I.P Chester Bennington - Childhood hero and Member of Linkin Park. You will never be forgotten! <3

    3. Crest


      In the end, I guess it really does matter.


      Rip Chester

    4. Agoraphobic
  2. Graphics Graphics Style vote

    I prefer option 1.
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    2. PhenomenalDev


      lel @antarcticPuppy that's not him.

    3. Puppy


      @PhenomenalDab Noooo...I know. I was being tad'bit'sarcastic xD



    4. Marshtomp


      what the fuck did I just watch 

  3. Graphics Random pixel art

    @Kibbelz @jcsnider Could you move this into resources? I won't be using them and others might find it useful.
  4. Info Building first Professional Website

    I tend to use Bootstrap also, and when I was first starting out with webdesign I couldn't really find some good solid examples of it. With that said, is a great tool to make a nice sleek professional website along with the ability to add your own code as you go. It has a nice Live preview as you're working on it. If you don't want to be bound by Bootstrap you can give out Brackets for just a nice clean editor for your normal HTML, CSS, JS It also has a live preview as you build and code.
  5. Diee's icon box

    Looks like a good set, not sure why but I love the way you made the fish
  6. How to make a tide?

    Hey! as of now the tileset I created doesn't have any capability for the animation feature for intersect, However I whipped this up real fast for you. This should work well for what you need it to.
  7. assets Intersect Demo Graphics

    its a difficult task ,trust me. best of luck on it.
  8. Georgeeee!

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    2. jcsnider


      Holy shit that's a sexy beast <3


      I'm glad things are going well. Keep working hard lol gotta pay that fucker off :)

    3. George


      Yup. If you're ever in town you should let me know I'll take you out for a drink!


    4. jcsnider


      I might find myself out there a few times for job interviews at some point in the next few month. Those go well, and the drinks are on me! :)

  9. This project looks epic, reminds me of a game I use to play all the time back in the day.
  10. Parties need you!

    Ah yeah, that big ol' blob of ugly xD I made that I'll see what I can do as well.
  11. I guess I am done for now.

    1. PhenomenalDev


      Done with what? A game?

  12. Graphics Random pixel art

    Do you mean the mugen style games? never been a fan of those. More of a explore, level up, and collect fancy loot type of guy.
  13. Graphics Random pixel art

    Was thinking about a Magi themed game later on, once i find time but making a platformer anime game seems kinda weird to me. Thanks mate