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Dev Blog 07/29/2016 - NpcVsNpc combat, Npc spells, Knockbacks and admin commands!


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NpcVsNpc combat, Npc spells, Knockbacks and admin commands!

July 29th 2016



Quite some big features here with this update, Mostly regarding NPC combat. We thought about enabling developers to make their own combat scenes and make combat vs the NPC's a little more interesting. (And fair since now they can cast spells too!) A few other loose ends to be tied up with combat such as Knockbacks, which anyone with any experience playing games like The Legend of Zelda, knows is a super cool feature of combat! Finally we have the extended admin commands with an updated admin panel client side!


NpcVsNpc Combat

Npc's can be enabled to be able to attack other NPC's! An aggression list has been added to the NPC editor, adding other NPC's to this list results in the NPC attacking them on sight within range! NPC's can also be set to attack all npc's! If a spell hits another NPC by accident and they do not already have a target, they will attack the NPC that cast the spell.



Npc casting spells

NPC's can now cast a dynamic number of spells, a random spell is selected at a frequency chosen unique to each NPC! NPC's can cast AOE, Single target, self target, projectiles and dash spells! Check here for more information on the different spell types! 



Admin commands

Until now admin commands have been very lacking, this update we decided to add all the admin commands you should need to help manage your community in game! Server commands have been updated, showing the list of commands now available!



We also now have an up to date admin menu too!



Whats next?

Make sure to check out the Intersect Road Map as for what features we have next planned in line!


As always, feel free to post comments and questions below! We are excited to hear your thoughts on our progress!

I will be continuing to stream Intersect development and myself and JC will be willing to take suggestions, answer questions and keep you up to date live!

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15 minutes ago, jcsnider said:

We are gonna clean up the panel a lot before release, we will definitely tackle that little caps mismatch.

Awesome! Looking forward to seeing what you guys stir up. Even game Admins deserve beautiful gui, right? :P 

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