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  1. Any plans to for windows servers?
  2. Rory


    That's great! 3-4 months is a Long time I'm glad something I work on has left a mark on you and I'm always Glad when my work inspires others, especially in the communities I spend time in.
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    Hahah, no problem We have a new one in the works anyway
  4. Rory


    I'm glad my UI from Pokemon Planet Online inspired you
  5. Rory

    Nin Online Beta

    The concern with copyright issues is definitely legitimate, it's all a very fine line between what can be considered parody and plagiarism. On one end, a heavily inspired ninja game clearly on the safe side is Ninja Saga and then you have games clearly not on the safe side and flat on plagiarizing like Naruto Spirit which recently closed down due to the lack of players (because Viz made an official competitor to their game, Naruto Online, a Facebook game) Nin Online sits on the thin line between the two, we borrow more heavily from the Naruto series with a few monumental locations and the Village Symbols. Other than that, none of the content is bothered by copyright infringement and trademarks as all the art, music and characters are original. If we ever do receive a C&D from Viz, we have a backup plan to remove the symbols and a few other changes that will place us on the safe side of the law. Thanks for all the comments and concerns guys!
  6. Rory

    Nin Online Beta

    Thanks for the support then my friend, and yes it's been a lot of work!
  7. Rory

    Nin Online Beta

    Hi everyone, just wanted to spread the word about our game moving out of alpha and into beta stage (after 3 years). The entire team is working around the clock trying to make sure phasing into beta goes as smoothly as possible. Which is why we've decided it will be best to soft-launch it over the coming month. So we hope that you guys can return to help us test and make sure everything is good before we open it to the public and start advertising the game to the rest of the world. With all these new features coming, we hope you continue to support the game we have and will continue to be pouring so much time and effort into in the following weeks. We hope to see you when we relaunch in Closed Beta! www.ninonline.org
  8. The event system and editors in intersect are pretty similar to RPG Maker, so you could look into that for single player.
  9. Just an idea I thought about, a lot of times music is designed to suit a time of day just as much as a certain environment. Like a village could be very happy in the morning, but a little bit peaceful and quiet, or even dark and mysterious at night. It would be a cool addition if you could set maps to have different music based on time of day!
  10. Rory

    16x16 Custom Assets

    Love the color pallette! Great initiative giving these out for others to use
  11. Hey! This is really great how dynamic it is. What about letting you set a repeatable image overlay like what I do for Nin Day Night It might have some difficulty working with the dynamic lights you guys have though! Just an idea! Also, Dawn and Dusk are normally represented more accurately with a Orangey hue and Purplish hue respectively
  12. Heya It's designed by me. The base engine is Eclipse Origins 3.0.
  13. https://www.ninonline.org/ Online and free
  14. Awesome progress. The richness in customization is really admirable, I hope to see this level of customization in more places! I can already see the amount of things that would've needed to be hardcoded that has been made customized with the features above. Common events triggered by level for example, we can trigger entire questlines when you reach certain levels, make players decided class advancements.. Keep up the good work JC!
  15. Really happy to see your progress and the release of v1.4! Keep up the great work jc and team. Hope to use this engine for a project some day soon!
  16. Wow, common events are really impressive. With more triggers I can imagine so many things that once would have required coding replaced with events. An idea maybe a trigger for reaching A level. Eg. Reached level 15, dialogue appears and gives you a certain spell. Also, an event that displayed a graphic that can be closed would be useful in situations like talking to a signboard and displaying a big zoomed in version of that signboard, or a map.
  17. For the spell detonation, I'd love to have an option for it to explode when it reaches it's maximum distance, even if didn't hit an enemy.
  18. Just want to say good job to JC and Kibbelz. This is generous.
  19. Just a short introduction from me. I'm Rory, currently 23 years old, an asian boy from Singapore but spends half his life in Korea (the side without Kim Jong Il). My biggest hobby project is Nin Online, which is a 2D Ninja Online RPG (very heavily) inspired by Naruto. It's a project very dear to me as it was the first project I started back in around 2003 when I first found Konfuze Engine. I've stayed very close to most of the communities based around Mirage-based engines, and worked with almost every project Robin was working on over the years. Outside of this internet life, I work at a local Mobile/PC game company as a UI/UX Designer. It's not a very famous company, but it's one of the biggest and most serious one in my small country (with a very horrid games industry besides the branches of Ubisoft, LucasFilm etc.). I'm also a popping & locking dancer with some reputation around the world, so if you guys want to stalk me and find my videos you know what to search. I'm here now because Intersect Engine looks really appealing to me and even though I don't have any solid plans to use it yet, I hope to use it in some capacity and support the project in any way I can
  20. I'm amazed at the progress and speed of the project. Good work, JC and Kibbelz! You guys are doing a spectacular job and I'm sitting here just watching update after update and being impressed. Intersect Engine ftw
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