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Dev Blog 3/28/2022 - Beta 7 Updates Round #2


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Beta 7 Updates Round #2



Part 1

Our first Beta 7 dev blog surrounded a bunch of performance changes and quality of life updates which were a result of Leafling pushing Intersect Beta 6 to it's limits and beyond.


There's a lot of good stuff in that blog so if you haven't seen it yet go check that out first.



Part 2

The second half of our updates were largely focused on small enhancements and keeping up with bug report but there are some features included such as Guilds, Quest Log Categories, and more.




  • Batched action messages, movement, and animation packets to reduce traffic (#657
  • Client fps improvements (#663)
  • Reduce and/or remove resx dependencies (#671)
  • Made listing/searching faster in all editors. Ordered all item selection lists alphabetically (#679, #682)


New Features

  • Guilds (UI, Banks, Variables, Custom Ranks, and more!)
  • Server performance metrics are now tracked and accessible through the API!
  • Map Critter Attributes (#656)
  • Quest log categories (#693)
  • Item stacking caps (#728)
  • Chat/trade logging which are accessible via the API (#732)
  • Exp loss on death (#748)
  • Event command to reset stat point allocations (#765)
  • Bonus Exp options configurable for party sizes (#773)



  • Option for Map Animations to be block tiles (#655)
  • New common event triggers Equipment Change, Variable Change (#658)
  • Show picture command options -> Wait until closed, auto close after X time. (#691)
  • Custom error messages when requirements are not met for using items, casting spells, harvesting resources, etc (#791)
  • Craft all button within crafting windows (#836)
  • Custom sorting for crafting table items and shop items (#838)


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed chat bar scrolling issues (#816)
  • Fixed Craft editor common event selector. (#904, 8/13/21)
  • Fixed a memory leak in the bank window. (#933, 9/14/21)
  • Fixed an issue blocking the use of the Fill and Erase map editor functions for Map Attributes. (#944, 10/9/21)
  • Fixed an issue where Secondary attack damage would not apply when Base damage is 0. (#949, 10/16/21)
  • Fixed an issue where scaling damage was never calculated if base damage is 0. (#958, 10/17/21)
  • Fixed an issue where quest message custom colours were not used correctly. (#1008, 12/13/21)
  • Fixed map updates when metrics is false (#1005, 12/13/21)
  • Fixed an issue where GUI Json files would not create new layout files while caching was enabled. (#954, 12/18/21)
  • Fixed an issue where the Has Free Inventory Slots condition would not display the correct variable upon editing. (#978, 12/18/21)
  • Fixed an issue within GWEN causing certain numerical inputs to fail when typing a value after 0. (#1023, 12/27/21)
  • Fixed some potential game breaking issues by changing the Character Select Screen behavior: characters should not be marked offline at some specific situations. (#1060, 2/8/22)
  • [API] Removed groupby from get logs/trade (#1066, 2/9/22)
  • Fixed an issue where DoTs would be applied multiple times for the same spell (#1078, 2/14/22)
  • Fixed “Player is busy” message on Party Invites (#1084, 2/25/22)
  • Fixed an issue where, with a full inventory, we would not propagate giving items properly to stacks that still had space (#1076, 2/25/22)
  • Fixed an issue where bank withdraws ignored inventory stack limits (#1075, 2/25/22)
  • Fixed an issue with playing interface sounds where they would stop playing prematurely due to losing a reference to them (#1032, 2/25/22)
  • Fixed visual glitch when moving elements within the hotbars (#1089, 3/3/22)
  • Fix step forward/backward not working (#1099, 3/7/22)
  • Removed hard coded ComboBox sound effects (#1098, 3/8/22)
  • Fixed out of bounds exception on spell cast cancellation (#1124, 3/18/22)
  • Fix crash when trying to edit quest completion events (#1142, #1143, 3/23/22)
  • Dozens of others but we were not yet tracking changes. A full list can be found here.




Going Forward

We're finally moving Beta 7.0 to our main/stable branch. If you have been running the prerelease builds of Beta 7.0 it is recommended you update to


Beta 7.1 will be promoted shortly from the development to prerelease branch. It will contain new features such as instances, guild variables, and layout hot-reloading but it is also expected to be a bit buggy for awhile -- you have been warned!

Beta 8.0 will begin development on the development branch when Beta 7.1 is promoted to prerelease, and will be moving Intersect to .NET 6.0, user-selectable language (with multiple language files), and breaking cleanup changes to configuration, localization and project structure.

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