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WIP [Intersect] Anima Seeds


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[Para ver el hilo en Español, haz click aquí]







         "Anima Seeds”, is currently an Indie Multiplayer Online Role-playing Game (IMORPG) where the player assumes the role of an "Anima" (Soul), to then take control over the "Persona" (Seed) that the Anima may become as they live, die and rebirth across the digital space and time where the events of this side of the cosmos take place. As you progress with your journey, many questions will arise, which will be answered as your Persona live their life and the Anima matures wisely enough to understand the essence of this digital world.





          The inner self (not the external persona) of an entity that is in touch with the unconscious as opposed to the persona. Players will be able to pick an Anima Color to represent theirs in our digital world.



"Persona", the ∆ & ∇ Timelines:         


         "Persona" originally refers to the masks worn by actors on stage.

         In the world of Anima Seeds, personas are the mask that represents our inner self, we stand up on stage and play the life of that character.

"Life is about to mold you little seed, we will send you through the light of reincarnation, randomly, you will begin your life in one of two possible moments in space-time, either the ∆ timeline, or the ∇ timeline. The persona of your first mortal experience will also be a random bet too, but don't worry oh dear seed! There are several ways to reincarnate into another persona along your endless journey!" .- Dante (NPC)



 Personas of the ∆ Timeline:


·        Homo Sapiens. (Lost Technology Engineers)

·        Leporidae Sapiens. (Moon Forest Guardians)

·        Canid Sapiens. (Snowy Mountain Guardians)



Personas of the ∇ Timeline:


·        Felidae Sapiens. (Treasure Hunters)

·        Ave Sapiens. (Ancient Alchemists)

·        Anura Sapiens. (Endless Forest Monks)





          There’re few differences when it comes to the passive capabilities of each Persona in Game, but in general terms, every knowledge acquired during the lifetime of these will be carried by the Anima to which ever Persona they decide to rebirth as a new seed afterwards, meaning that every Persona will be capable to do what others do eventually.




[ DevLog & News]








Which Engine is being used for the development of Anima Seeds Online?

          The Intersect Engine.


Who’s Behind this Project?

          Currently, just me (Arufonsu), this is a Indie-Solo project. Currently I’m not “recruiting” anyone, my economic situation won't allow that to happen, plus, i really have my doubts when it comes to my current leadership and social skills right now, so yeah, this is just a hobbie thing of mine that i will slowly update as it progress.


Where are these concepts from? What’s Your Inspiration?

          It’s a mix of concepts that’ve been familiar with in the past: Physics, Philosophy, the views of the Natives in Chile and South America in General, Japan’s Shintoism and their respect to Nature as for what Kami means, Dystopian concepts as seen in the famous novel "Fahrenheit 451", Psychedelic experiences and related philosophical concepts such as “Persona” and “Ego Death”.


Is this game being developed for Spanish Speakers only?

          No. Plans are, to eventually have two different servers with a secure cloud infrastructure, located at both: the US and South America.
This will allow us to prevent latency and language barrier issues, among with some security measures to stay up online without downtimes and any sort of bottleneck.


What kind of audience are you targeting here?

          Despite its appearance, this game is for adults (18+ Only), as how the current Legislation of Chile regulates when it comes to content that’s strictly forbidden to underage individuals: References to Violence related topics like Wars, along with other controversial ones like consumption of mind altering substances, historical facts that may include explicit content, science, cosmic nihilism and views that reject society's traditional anthropocentrism views.




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On 12/24/2021 at 10:54 AM, Smoot said:

It's cool but my god I'm blind from the brightness. I just think the background is too much. Just my opinion though


Thanks for the feedback, this login screen was just Placeholder using the colour #FFFFFFFFFFF, just updated the preview in the main post ;)

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  • Arufonsu changed the title to [Indie] Anima Seeds Online

Main Post Updates:

  • Removed "Dev Previews" (redundant), previews are going to be posted within the dev log in the main post and the update posts from now on.




  • [Art Enhancement] GUI: decided to go after a "darker" theme.
  • [Art Enhancement] Removed the "E" label por equipped equipment, instead, the inventory slot correspoding to the equipped equipment will have a distinct colour from other slots.
  • [Art Enhancement] Added Cursor Controller: Cursor's texture will change whenever we hover it over an Item that can be dragged, texture will change as well whenever we drag that item around the inventory window ! 
  • The same logic will be implemented when dragging GUI windows, hovering an attackable NPC, hovering a talkable NPC, and more !




  • [Art Enhancement] Implemented dynamic shadows for human's hairstyles !


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[12-02-22]: A lot of art, sound effect and feature enhancements !

  • Added an ingame graphic clock, inspired in one of those games from my childhood: "The legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask" (Note: the sun and moon are currently placeholders).
  • Cursor Controller: expanded the drag and drop texture switch capability to hotbars and spells.
  • Cursor Controller SFX: drag and drop of items have been enchanced with unique sound effects, whenever we drag n' drop !
  • Cursor Controller: Hovering an attackable NPC will change the cursor's texture into a specific one for the matter (Note: the "attack" cursor texture is currently a placeholders).
  • Cursor Controller: Hovering an event NPC will change the cursor's texture into a specific one for the matter. (Note: the "dialogue" cursor texture is currently a placeholders).
  • A lot of GUI changes: screen wide exp bar, hotbar slots redisigned, simplified the game menu items by creating a button that toggles their visibility.
    All these adapt in width and height to every available resolution !
  • Empty inventory slot textures are drawn gray, inventory slots with items are drawn white, and inventory slots with equipped items are drawn yellow
    (altho i've further plans to change the inventory and equipment behavior).
  • Item Description windows will now follow up the cursor's position, instead of just being rendered next to the inventory window !
  • Events with triggers such as shops, dialogues and bank, should happen while the rest of the GUI is hidden now, hopefully it will allow me to create a clean flow for NPCs dialogues the way i want later on.


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  • Arufonsu changed the title to [Intersect] Anima Seeds

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