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  1. I'd suggest a brief overview of the workset
  2. Do you plan on creating different color schemes? Like all the same, but with green tones instead of brown. Just an example, not wanting green necessarily
  3. There's a 32px version of nearly all the tiles. Nice job on the mounts and pets. Map looks good how you have it.
  4. It's really really hard to use them right now. I have the full set and most of the Patreon stuff, afraid to calculate what I spent haha. Anyway 8 direction movement is a help, the other thing I experimented with was making the engine use very small tile sizes so I could block closer to the diag parts if that makes sense. Really I have on and off spent many many hours to try to easily use them with no luck. 8 direction movement isn't a magic fix either, it's going to be a lot of time in Photoshop/Gimp.
  5. See what version of Mono you're running. If you straight up use apt to install mono it might give a newer, but not working, version. You need to point to the repo in the below thread to get the right version. mono --version Check this thread out.
  6. Make your feature checklist that you want for your game. Compare that to the 2 engines and decide. "Better" is up to you.
  7. Ahh too bad to hear you're stopping.
  8. A fresh copy of the resources folder on the one having problems? Maybe it's not loading something, maybe antivirus flagged a file as a virus?
  9. Do an afterlife map with gateways to each decision. Walk left to pay gold, right to ??.
  10. Why VB6 Really looks neat though
  11. Someone can correct me if I'm wrong, but here is my understanding of it. As Cheshire says, any size will work, but there are some caveats. Sprites are divided into equal slices based on the number of frames in the config file. Like if you have 4, which is default, then it will slice that vertically. Most sprites are for RPGmaker and use a 3 column layout, but intersect uses 4. So you have 1 2 3 on rpgm intersect uses 1213 so the 3rd column is shifted to the right and the first is duplicated. The "1" is the center or stand frame. So the size doesn't matter because it can be a 16x16 or a 256x329, it will still just divide by 4 or whatever is in the config. I hope that makes sense, I'm kind of distracted.
  12. It's cool but my god I'm blind from the brightness. I just think the background is too much. Just my opinion though
  13. Do you do devlogs on itch.io? Really like your artwork style
  14. You don't need a script for this. It's already a part of the NPC Editor. You make the variety of short swords and whatever else in the Item Editor. Then you put the item and percent chance into the Drops area of the editor.
  15. Actually found it on the requests on github. Issue 913
  16. Just like the title says. Can I select the different tools in the map editor with keys. I'd live to hit "e" for dropper, or "p" for pencil. Or whatever..
  17. Just to follow up. XFallSeane helped in Private. My issue is that I didn't have the site root pointing at the "Public" folder. It was pointing to the httpdocs folder as default.
  18. Ok for hit animation, there is an attack animation field on the bottom right of the Class Editor. If you mean an animation for when the character gets hit I'm not sure. Add a heal ability by using a spell in the Spell Editor. Check Friendly make it do negative damage.
  19. What even language is this? Probably should translate it or use one of the language specific boards.
  20. I'm sorry I'm missing something. Upload on your web hosting or on your local server the installation.zip file. Extract installation.zip Open .env.local.php At the line DATABASE_URL replace with your data example : mysql://database_username:database_password@ Save your changes Open PhpMyAdmin or your mysql provider Select your database Click on import, select the installation.sql file and valid If step 8 is a success, without any errors go to your website url and all works ! Ok so that's where the problem is. If I go to the URL there aren't any index.php or anything created in the httpdocs folder, so I'm not sure how exactly there will be a way to go past this. I am running apache, urlrewrite enabled. Composer is installed and it's pulling all of the packages fine, but there's something missing where the actual site root files are missing. I hope you can help.
  21. Hey all just a quick note. I've been fighting to setup a new Ubuntu server install the past couple days. It's running an AWS instance on Ubuntu 20.04 and was trying to run 6.12.xx whatever the latest is at this time. The server would not start at all, just would crash back to command line. Logs really didn't have anything. I just got finished downgrading to Mono 6.8 and am up and running. So just for completeness: Intersect: .07.0.126 Ubuntu: 20.04.3 Mono Sqlite: 3.31.1 I then migrated to Maria 10.3.31 no problems.
  22. You can see in your picture that the API is listening on port 8080 and your api_server is showing port 5400. They need to be the same, so either change it in the server config or on the cms.
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