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Create a Vicious Rumor about why the source is not out yet

Mighty Professional

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So we all know that releasing the source code takes a lot of work and there are some valid reasons behind why it is not out yet.


Or do we? 


The point of this forum game is to post a vicious rumor about the real reason the source has not come out yet. See post below for an example. 

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9 minutes ago, Khaikaa said:

I heard the source code isn't out yet because intersect is actually a virus that steals all the porn from our computers


If that was the case JC would have released source. 


Real reason is that JC has a porn downloading addiction. It's a rare fetish where he gets off on downloading any kind of porn. That's why the donation goals get higher every month, JC needs his storage space. Of course he also keeps deleting Intersect to make more space for his porn.

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7 hours ago, Mighty Professional said:

JC's real name is Jay Z and he is currently on tour

Ahahahahahaha thats too much of a conicidence. 


But the real reason is really because KIBBELZ sold the source already under a liscense which cant be sold again , to Nintendo and is using it as a scape goat to create an unofficial pokemon MMO without copyright infringement. 

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