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Introducing the Ascension Games Directory!


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Ascension Games Directory!

We're finally ready to bring our community Games directory online! This thread will go over the features of our system, why you may want to use it, and how this will change our site moving forward.


Before moving on, I want to give credit to @TheSandersGuy for recommending that we look into modifying the "Clubs" system of our forum software for our own uses.






What are 'Games'?

This system allows us to create little chunks of our site that we can dedicate to your games.  When you create a 'Game' you are given a landing/home page that you can edit, a forum discussion board, a page where you can upload downloads and other game content, and two extra forum boards for questions/answers, and bug reports!







  • Design your own home page/landing page. (Example)
  • Set your own icon, game title, and header background (See the image above)
  • Server status display including the online player count (If you're using Intersect)
  • Full moderation powers of each of your forums boards (Discussion, Q&A, and Bug Reports)
    • This includes locking topics, pinning them, editing topics, deleting posts, etc, etc
  • Before setting your game to public you can invite your team to help setup your game.
    • We highly encourage you to use these boards for planning/design ideas with your team before going live!
  • Set your games properties such as the engine you're using and the state of your game. (Img)



Public Games vs Private Games

Games are all private by default, and you can invite individual members of AGD to join your team. Members of your team can see your game before it's public and they can participate in the discussion boards for planning/early design use.  Whenever you're ready to launch your game you can request that we make it public via the Manage Game menu.



In the past we had singular game topics, and then sub-boards for the larger projects in our community. We are phasing out sub-boards for this system instead. Much like the sub-boards we want to fill our games directory with high quality games with committed developers and teams. Keeping that in mind, the process to make your game public will include filling out a short checklist and then Damian, Kibbelz, and myself will review your game based on the following expectations:


  • Games should be weeks or months into active development and past 'concept' stage.
  • A well structured landing page.
  • Screenshots, videos, music, and any other sort of media.
  • A story, which should be original and have some thought put into it.
  • Stickied posts in your Q/A and Bug Report boards with whichever guidelines you'd like your fans to follow when posting.
  • Downloads in the downloads section (if your game has a release)
  • Originality, or anything that sets your game apart from all the others.
  • Effort. We should be able to tell that you care and are putting effort into this project and not doing the minimal amount of work just to pass our review.
  • Activity! If you're at the point where you want an entire section at AGD for your game then we should see updates every now and then, and you should be watching over your discussion boards here even if you have your own community. Inactive games will be removed from our directory.




What if my game isn't ready to be public?

If you want to post public information about your game here at AGD, but don't quite meet the expectations above, the games forum board will still be available along with our design and creativity boards.



Forum Changes for Games

A quick link will be added to our navigation for you to access the Games directory.



On the sidebar we will also have a new widget to show recent updates from all the games on our site.




Give it a try!

Want to see what it's all about, checkout the section for the active Demo Game here!


If you'd like to add your game to our directory click here.



Feel free to ask questions below, hopefully you all will like the changes!

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So after of running this for a few years, I have decided to moonlight the games directory. DarkStory and @YoshiGirl got a ton of use from it, but outside of that one project most other games setup pages and then they were not used. It's lack of use does not really justify the work of upkeep and all the custom code required for it.


In two weeks I will be shutting that down and going forward we are going to stick to one topic per game in the Games forum which as always can link to the discords/forums for those games' respective communities.


After removing the games section I will focus on upgrading our forum to the latest software and bringing some new forum features online that IPB is providing.

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