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  1. We are working to improve all the Daily Check rewards
  2. [Level 50 New Skills - Mage] Blaze is the last revealed skil PS: All new skills will be released in next update.
  3. [Level 50 New Skills - Knight] Elemental Fusion is the third revealed skill. With only 1 second of Cooldown Time, Elemental Fusion is the most fastet and powerful melee skill.
  4. [Level 50 New Skills - Stalker] Toxic Lift is the second revealed skill
  5. [Level 50 New Skills - Hunter] Hyper Shoot is the first revealed skill, wait for more in the next days
  6. Master Gumby weapons will now be: Gumber Weapons
  7. Hello storiers! We will be hosting a raffle for all players who give us a steam review. All you have to do is fill out this form with the requested information and an image of your review: https://darkstory2d.com/raffle Prizes: x5 2150 Game Card x10 1050 Game Card Secret Gift for all the participants ~ Read more about the raffle clicking the link ~
  8. Mining Profession Rework + New Pickaxes
  9. A new challenge for new adventurers: The Master Gumber
  10. Mumby's Shop will be removed in next update Since the Alpha, Mumby's Shop was the first place where new adventurers unlocked rare weapons. In current game situation this shop only confuses new players, thats why We've decided to move it to Esia City.
  11. A new enemie has appeared in Dragonia, fill your bag with potions and prepare your weapons for this new challenge Mephus is the next Boss and We present some of his features: - Magic Skills(Fire, Lighting and Ice) - Summon Strong Golems(Not common minion) - Teleport - Warp Zone(Can teleport players to another map)
  12. Blufan Forest development has been started
  13. Soccer Field channels/instances
  14. Dragonia Sport Championship Event will have five stores filled of unlockable items
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