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  1. Krundalf's Blacksmith shop update and new Ring in development
  2. Did you already bought your costume for Halloween?
  3. Update 189. Dev Logs We've improved the Chat UI interface We've added a new chat channel for Combat logs Boss rewards: • Card Drop chance will apply to all players who participated in killing the Boss • Achievement count will apply to all players who participated in killing the Boss We've increased the Chat max size from 300 to 400 log messages Fixed an issue that causes ALT+F4 key combination doesn't works Fixed a visual issue with the item description Fixed an issue that causes Basic Attack cooldown timer doesn't work correctly Fixed an issue with the World Map button in Inventory interface We've fixed an issue that causes suddenly client closes after buy/sell items or while completing quests New Loot Mechanic: If you hold pick up key for a while you will be able to pick up all the loot stuff in floor at same time
  4. Chat UI improvements + New Combat Channel
  5. Get a squishy Cheese Costume for Halloween
  6. [Monthly Promotion for October] Become a crazy clown with this new incredible Halloween promotion. Get a 1050 Game Card (Or superior) and you will receive completely FREE an amazing exclusive Clown Mask
  7. Update #189 The first update for October is finally here. We want to celebrate Halloween with you, enjoy this update that comes with new content, improvements, new season event and bug fixes. https://darkstory2d.com/blog-article.php?id=151
  8. Police Officer Set + Halloween Scythe
  9. Prepare your weapons for Halloween Event
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