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  1. Get your Thunder Nimbus [Limited Time Exclusive Item] Get your own Thunder Nimbus for free by buying a 1050 Game Card(Or superior) 🔽🔽 https://darkstory2d.com/store.php
  2. New Update #165 Celebrate with us the 3rd DarkStory Anniversary
  3. Join to the Official Facebook Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/445116982266560/
  4. We are working on new Quests for low levels
  5. Today is the 3rd Anniversary of DarkStory! Happy Birthday DSO!
  6. Seldom Quest's will not show anymore if you are in Esia
  7. We are about to finish the Demo Version for the Lima Game Fest exhibition. Join us at November 9th in Lima, Peru
  8. We've expanded the Cash Inventory
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