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  1. First Community Raffle https://darkstory2d.com/blog-article.php?id=166
  2. We've finally implemented the new Paypal's Payment System, you can now be able to purchase Game Cards using Debit/Credit Card like Steam.
  3. We are preparing two new Dinosaurs' Shop for Ellie 1. Jurassic Shop: Complete quests to get Dinosaur Coupons and unlock rare dinosaur equipments 2. Dinosaur Mount Shop: Find Dinosaur fossils to forge rare dinosaurs' mounts
  4. We are continuing working with the client optimization process, We've worked today in a way to draw the character's head in another sprite, this will help slighty to reduce the cost of memory, fix a lot of visual issues related to character's ears(fox/wolf) and equipments, also this will be the first point to improve the character customization adding face styles and eye-color
  5. These days We will focus on improve the client startup time and load texture performance to prevent the annoying water issue. We will upload a new update after we finish the new client
  6. What is this? PS: You can check it on Mono's store
  7. Hello Storiers! We are releasing the second full tome of the Dragonia's Newspaper, Our objective with this newspaper is to release a new edition every month with a summary about the community and the world of DarkStory, Enjoy it!
  8. Buflora is the new Boss revealed for Blufan Forest
  9. Exclusive shop from BraveWolf's Anniversary Event
  10. Update #197.1: BraveWolf Anniversary Event is finally here Meet Mono at Esia City and help him to find his lost camera. Enjoy the new content, fixes, improvements and much more! PS: Valentine's Day Event will be extended up to March 31, you can still get Alfalfa from Valentine Cakes' Forest. Development logs: https://darkstory2d.com/blog-article.php?id=165
  11. Prepare your weapons for a new season event
  12. New cape for Stalker will be available in next update
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