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  1. TheSandersGuy

    Today I did this on my project...

    Just some clouds I've worked on... Embedded Video Link
  2. TheSandersGuy

    Repositioning the hotbar & settings?

    Yes, I've done quite a few edits an its seems like no bugs so far from what I've seen, but if you want to wait you can or if you want to mess with it now up to you.
  3. TheSandersGuy

    Today I did this on my project...

    I finally got the gui pretty much how I want it!
  4. TheSandersGuy

    Today I did this on my project...

    Well I did some graphics twicking to try to get a zoomed-in look and I realized that I could take my 16x16 tiles and make them 48x48 an this is what is came to be.. 16x16 and 48x48 Just what I wanted lol
  5. I get to here... 6. For the third page (InProgress), set the animation to the quest marker that shows the player started the quest, but the quest is not ready to be turned in. Set the spawn condition to "Player Quest In Progress (Test Quest, First Task) = True" ...and no idea what to do right here?
  6. What version of intersect is this for? Cause I've tried to test this out but some words don't match up?
  7. TheSandersGuy

    Exp bar on Top Center

    This might help, go into the InGame.xml file and hit ctrl + f and put <EXPBar> then you can edit it there?
  8. TheSandersGuy

    Text Positioning?

    I wanted to know where you would re-position the text (custom text) in the gui of intersect, since when I tried to add one it seems to be a bit off in some parts?
  9. TheSandersGuy

    DBOnline Universe

    The left one fits the tile set better, so for me the left is good.
  10. TheSandersGuy

    Dragonball Z: Resurrection Online! [Now Recruiting]

    Oh yea I can work with those sprites, and I also have discord, so I guess ill pm you my discord info later today if that's fine for you.
  11. TheSandersGuy

    Dragonball Z: Resurrection Online! [Now Recruiting]

    I have mapped multiple Mario MMORPG games in Eclipse Origins from awhile back, but since its been awhile don't know if I would be of use (probably doesn't sound encouraging), but just thought maybe I could help in some way since I like games like these.
  12. TheSandersGuy

    Dragonball Z: Resurrection Online! [Now Recruiting]

    I might be interested in helping, don't know what I could be helpful with, but I would be willing to give it a try.
  13. TheSandersGuy

    DBOnline Universe

    This game is looking better and better in each picture, keep up the great work!