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  1. Thanks for the answer. Whatever question I ask, everyone talks about editing the source. It seems that the engine does not know how to do the simplest things at all. Yes, I can go to hell. If I don't like it. UPD: Why are you guys so toxic? I didn't insult anyone, I just complained and said that there were no functions in the engine. Why peck me. I sincerely thanked the person for the response and closed the topic. I also noted that I understand that it is not my business to have the necessary functions in the engine or not. Therefore, I am full of not understanding why they hate me.
  2. Hello, please tell me. How can I make an NPC a companion of the player who will follow him everywhere and fight the player's enemies?
  3. Hello, please tell me how to destroy the card. Through the event system. I want that when decreasing the variable number ,, A ,,. All final maps from the center of the world map have been permanently removed from the game. Essentially a battle royale example ,, A ,, less than 100 . Each time the change is lowered, the kill zone shrinks towards the center.
  4. Hello, please tell me how to set an arbitrary amount of resources when crafting using formulas. For example. Amount of resource "A" divided by 10% = total. The player sets the required amount to 100 units. Receives. 100/10% = 10
  5. how hard it is to be autistic like me in our world. Not knowing how to do it thanks for the answer
  6. Hello. How can I track player movement in the event editor? I want to do the following. When switching to 1 new tile. 1 piece of resource. Removed from inventory 1 tile = 1 item Thanks in advance
  7. Thanks for the base. Tell me how to determine which numbers to insert into fields Up down left right.? For the cards to connect. I don't understand how to decipher them.
  8. Thanks for the answer. Could you suggest how to do this? Server version
  9. Hello, please tell me the solution. There was a problem that all important parameters are encrypted in the database under the following path: inersect \ Server \ resources \ gamedata.db. How do I decode them to their original state so that the parameters are visible? I need to change them to create large maps faster. This solution was suggested in response to my question about a less time consuming way to create maps.
  10. Ваша идея превосходна и идеально подходит, но вы права всё сгорело на первом пункте. Подскажите пожалуйста, какую программу для управления БД вы используете? Возможно из за не той программы у меня не отображаются важные параметры.. Если способ исправить это? Какая нибудь программа для дешифровки, способная помочь. Или проще просить разрабов решить эту проблему, чем искать способ.
  11. Thanks for the answer, you are right, this is a terrible idea and clutters up the flow a lot. Of course, I would like to implement this, but if I want to use all the keyboard buttons, it will be hell.
  12. Hello, please tell me. How to track the buttons that the player clicks in the event editor. I want to add my own buttons that when pressed would launch a spell or when a key combination is pressed another spell.
  13. Всем привет. Подскажите, как я могу создать большой одной карты за раз.? А то это утомительно, каждый раз по одной штамповать. Могу ли я конвертировать изображение с размерами 64 000 на 64 000 сразу в плитки и зоны. Если это возможно, то какие размеры изображению нужно задать. И что нужно делать. Заранее спасибо.
  14. Hello, How can I create more than one map zone at a time? Can I somehow insert a large image with dimensions 32,000 x 32,000. Which will be automatically divided into tiles and zones.? If possible, what dimensions or parameters are needed for the image and what needs to be done for this? Thanks in advance
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