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  1. You will need to send them the client one way or another. Make sure that the client has the connection details to connect to your server; in resources > config.json "Host": "enter your public ip here", "Port:" "leave as 5400 unless you want it changed" Make sure the server is running and the port is forwarded. Enjoy \o>
  2. So for items to appear on the character sprite they have to be 'paperdolled' In your client resources > paperdoll folder is where you put them. The best way to create a paperdoll is to use something like Adobe Photoshop, where you can have 'Layers' Simply load in your character sprite sheet and then start with a new layer for actually 'drawing over' your sprite using the pixel (Pencil) tool. See these zoomed in images as examples; Don't mind the copyright watermark, I'm just super cautious with my graphics. Even if it just a prototype sprite at the moment So here you'll see I got my sprite in the background and a 'Stick' item draw on a layer above the sprite. Once you've done the paperdoll overlay, simply remove the sprite so you're only left with the paperdoll graphic itself; I believe you might be able to set whether it appears under or below the sprites, but by default it appears above. So remember to 'cut out' any bits where a hand might need to be 'over' the weapon for example. As with any image you will want to save it as a .png with no background (Transparent). Hope this helps. I'm also willing to help out if you need it. I do commissions but I do charge for my work. I've got over 16 years of graphic design experience. The above simple graphics aren't a true example of my abilities, these are just prototypes I did while I make my game. Then all graphics will be revamped. Have fun
  3. Heya, what .json file did you edit please and what sections/numbers to make it big enough so the scroll bar is where yours is please? Thanks
  4. Whew that was a headache to do.. but I've now reported them on the github lol
  5. Alright thanks I'll report on github when I get chance. Ain't got an account there lol. Also if someone tries to create a guild longer than the max number of characters it doesn't display the same thing it should when it's under the minimum amount. I believe the bound items is a bug because bound items shouldn't be able to be placed inside a bank that can be shared by other players. Bags might not be a bug, but it would be nice to be able to disable being able to place bags with items inside inside of the bank.
  6. Hi there, So I wasn't sure where to post this on the forums. But with the current experimental version there's a few things that need fixing in regards to the 'Guild' system. #1 - Is that a player can be invited to another guild if they are already in a guild. It should display a message telling the person issuing the invite that they can't invite someone who's already in a guild without them leaving it first. This will eliminate the issue that if a Guild owner joins another guild then their guild remains, but becomes inaccessible if there's no1 else to invite them back. Not sure what it does with ownership either. I had to manually delete a guild from my database when testing. #2 - We can currently deposit no drop aka (Bound) items into the guild bank. This should not be possible as it's a way of transfering/trading bound items. #3 - We can deposit items into bags and then deposit into the guild bank. This should not be possible especially as we want guild bank space to be limited. Also by not making bags with items in deposit-able into the bank, then will also eliminate the issue where players could put a bound item in and then into the bank. Cheers, Randem Gamor
  7. It's OK Tudo bem I'm still new to Intersect myself, so I don't know how much I can help you with sorry. Best place is the forums, as there are more people here that can also help you. Ainda sou novo no Intersect, então não sei o quanto posso ajudá-lo, desculpe. O melhor lugar são os fóruns, pois há mais pessoas aqui que também podem ajudá-lo.
  8. Hello (Olá) I'll try my best to help you, with using Google Translate. (Vou tentar o meu melhor para ajudá-lo, usando o Google Translate.) Make sure the server isn't running when you delete stuff from the playerdata database. (Certifique-se de que o servidor não esteja funcionando ao excluir coisas do banco de dados playerdata.) There is one way to delete all accounts if you don't have other accounts you want to keep. (Existe uma maneira de excluir todas as contas se você não tiver outras contas que deseja manter.) To delete all accounts goto the Server folder. (Para deletar todas as contas vá para a pasta Server.) Then resources (Então, recursos) Delete playerdata.db (I would suggest taking a backup first) (Exclua playerdata.db (sugiro fazer um backup primeiro) To edit the database you need DB Browser for SQLite (I'm guessing you are using the default SQLite database) (Para editar o banco de dados, você precisa do DB Browser for SQLite (suponho que você esteja usando o banco de dados SQLite padrão)) You can download that here: (Você pode fazer o download aqui:) https://sqlitebrowser.org/ Be sure to BACKUP the playerdata.db before editing, and make sure your server is not running. (Certifique-se de fazer BACKUP do playerdata.db antes de editar e certifique-se de que seu servidor não esteja funcionando.) Open playerdata.db with the DB Browser (Abra playerdata.db com o navegador DB) Goto 'Browse Data' tab (2nd tab) at the top. (Vá para a guia 'Browse Data' (2ª guia) na parte superior.) Under Table; (Debaixo da mesa;) See "Players" table. (Veja a tabela "Jogadores".) You should be able to delete characters there. (Você deve ser capaz de deletar caracteres lá.) Under "Users" table you can also see user accounts. (Na tabela "Usuários", você também pode ver as contas dos usuários.) You should be able to delete accounts there. (Você deve ser capaz de excluir contas lá.) I don't know if this will cause any problems so make sure you backup ALL your files first, especially the playerdata.db (Não sei se isso causará problemas, então certifique-se de fazer backup de TODOS os seus arquivos primeiro, especialmente o playerdata.db) Make sure the server isn't running when you delete stuff from the playerdata database. (Certifique-se de que o servidor não esteja funcionando ao excluir coisas do banco de dados playerdata.) Good Luck / (Boa sorte )
  9. Alright so I needed to do spawn gates myself and here's the simplest way to do it. While Austermann's way will work you don't want to be using Boolean's as each time you set a new spawn you'd have to set all the others to false. It's very messy lol. String is much easier. So here's what you need to do; 1) Create a player variable. Name: "Spawn Point" - or anything you like. Type: 'String' - we want to store text in there. Text Id: "plyrSP" - anything you want (optional) 2) Create an Event on the map / tile you want players to interact with to set spawn point. (Map Layers, Events, then double click a tile to place event there.) You will also want to mark the spot somehow with some 'Tiles' on the mapping. In the map tile event do the following; Insert - 'Show Options' Text: "Would you like to set your spawn point here for if you die?" - anything you want Option 1: "Yes, Set spawn here" > When Yes: (Insert 'Set Variable') Select Variable: 'Player Variable' Set to the variable you created; "Spawn Point". Set, Value: "Town Name A" <- Type your (town / location name)* here. (Insert 'Show Text') Text: "Your spawn point has been successfully set to \pv{plyrSP}" > When No: Option 2: "No Thanks" Show Text: "Your spawn point has not been changed." ------------------------------- Now do the same for every spawn point you want to set. Changing the (town / location name)* each time. Once you've done that all you need to do now is your onRespawn event: To do that simply; Common Event Editor: Create a new event. Call it "Respawn" or anything you want. Trigger: "On Respawn) For each 'Spawn Point' you will need to do the following here; @>Conditional Branch: [Player Variable: Spawn Point is Equal to "Town Name 1"] @>Warp Player [Map: 'map name' X: - Y: - Dir: - (replace above values such as map name, x and y location and even direction) ------------------------------- That's it pretty much unless you want to also add an optional command to check your current spawn point. If so make a new Common Event; (Call it something like 'Spawn Check') Trigger: (On Command) /spawncheck <-- command you want. Add Chatbox Text: "Your spawn point is currently set to \pv{plyrSP}" Hope this helps, any problems just holla
  10. Hi there So how would I go about changing the game window title from "Intersect Client" to the name of my game please? Also how would I change the icon for the window too please? If it's a source code edit, can someone point me in the right direct for that too please? I've dabbled with code in the past for various things so I can understand enough to edit. But I have 0 clue what this is coded in or where to even start with programs, where / how to download source files etc. Many Thanks.
  11. Still looking for a pixel artist? I'd like to see your current style to see if I can adapt to it. We can also discuss payment, etc. Thanks.
  12. Oh okay cool thanks Option to have a server selection at the start would be great. Either servers with separate characters / databases or even servers all linked back to a central mySQL database? Would be good for anyone making huge projects from this. Imagine if someone made a game that became as big as Runescape for example?
  13. Awesome thank you. I'll have to double check the settings again I may have overlooked it. Yeah server select option would definitely be great.
  14. Hi there, So I'm working on a new game idea (not disclosing yet) and it has pretty high potential to explode in players - I'm also a Youtuber so I'll be advertising it on my channel, youtube etc. Now, my main concern is how many players can this engine actually handle without issues please? Also is there a way to limit how many players can connect to one server? And finally how would I go about setting up multiple servers, and having a 'Server Select' on the start menu please? Now I don't know yet whether I'd want characters to be server specific or whether I'd want them all to use the same database. But I'll decide on that in the near future. Many Thanks, Randem Gamor.
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