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  1. I hope you have an april fools version of that comissioned where it says Triathlon, and has several finish lines along the road with a stretch of water somewhere at the end. (All joking aside, that looks good!)
  2. You simply can't as it stands, and would need to program it in. You could start looking at the TryAttack methods on the Entity class.
  3. I'm not entirely sure what you're trying to say here, I'm afraid. Could you try explaining a different way?
  4. I'm not 100% sure, there is a possibility. But it's the fastest way I could think to fix this particular problem within the current limitations of the Event system.
  5. You'll probably want to adjust the size of the window if you make the text bigger.
  6. Curious question, but could you not set a variable on the first player to enter the map, then set a variable that this value has been given (which resets when the dungeon resets) and then only spawn the npcs for the player with this variable? The main issue you're fighting here is that events simply run for every player. So you have to come up with something to stop it from doing so.
  7. Unfortunately, that just defines the string and is unrelated to the actual combat logic you're going to need to edit. Personally, I'd use animations for this. Much more flexible, everyone can hear it, the sound fades out nicely for people further away and you can even add an extra animation to it. Then maybe make it server configurable and have a list of crit animations the server can choose from so players don't constantly hear the same sound. Or maybe have different ones for magic, projectile, melee and unarmed hits.
  8. Can you try closing visual studio, deleting the following file (it's in a hidden folder): Intersect-Engine\.vs\Intersect\v16\.suo and trying to compile again?
  9. If memory serves me right it's right clicking somebody.
  10. Did you change anything? Because I can't say I've had that issue myself on any of the official branches.
  11. It should tell you why it failed in the error list or somewhere during the build output. The error list is generally easier to read though.
  12. If the entire solution builds there should be a server as well, or it should prompt you with errors as to why it doesn't compile.
  13. Maybe? I'm not sure that's as universally useful as a blacklist though. So if anyone wishes to do that, that's on them. Update [Download] - Adds the profanity check to user and character names and modifies a method that checks if any filtered words are in a given string.
  14. Sorry but that's outside the scope of this topic. You should probably read the documentation and make a topic regarding any questions you have based on that.
  15. I believe you might have missed the following:
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