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  1. Hello, I know that´s a really simple question, but how to change the sizes of the buttons in menu? I can´t find the size in the json-files.. Thank you Best regards
  2. You quoted my old post, but yeah I am sure. I set it to 10 then and saw how the day changed to night but now I am always in night I don´t get it
  3. Well the color was the hint thank you But ingame it doesn´t switch, it´s always Day or always Night, but not a smooth tansition :S I tried with x50 and x10, but nothing happens, only in the editor.. I think I am lost
  4. Thank you, I tried but there are no changes ingame.. With speed x50 I should see any changes ingame but nothing happens, it´s always daytime.
  5. Hello, some time-related questions for you 1. Is it possible to set the time via server? 2. Is it possible to give a map a locked time? 3. Is it possible to make the time goes by faster/slower? 4 (my most important one). When I use the vanilla source code, these options doesn´t have any effect on my map: https://i.imgur.com/lFACVjI.png Do I need to set them up first? I would like to see my map at night in the editor but it doesn´t do anything. Hope you can answer me Best regards, xored
  6. Okay I will try So I should put in the whole map-screenshot as a tileset? Sounds smart. Thank you
  7. I wanted to do parallax mapping, so I create the basic map in the editor and then screenshot it. Then I edit it with photoshop to make it more dynamic. That´s called parallax mapping and would be awesome in Intersect
  8. Hey, my question is simple. I have made a map in Photoshop and wanted to put it as panorama. Ingame I can see the map but my editor is black when I select Map1.png. So it is a bit difficulty to create lights etc. when I can´t see where to put them because the map is black. What´s the mistake? Thank you :) Best regards
  9. Hello, I hope I am not that wrong here, but is there planned to integrate an auction house feature? Would be awesome! :) Best regards
  10. The Icon you see is not in the project settings but in the form properties. Just click on your form, look for "icon" in the properties list and change it there.
  11. /////////////////////////////////////////////////// Error Description /////////////////////////////////////////////////// When I press the "Automapper" button in Editors.exe, it closes and I get disconnected from the server with error: I´m using the latest GitHub source /////////////////////////////////////////////////// Replication Steps /////////////////////////////////////////////////// Just login in the Editors.exe and press "Automapper". The Automapper form doesn´t appear. Do I need to setup some XML´s first? I mean, I have many tilesets, soit can´t be the problem, that the automapper can´t find tiles. /////////////////////////////////////////////////// Attach Screenshots/Other media //////////////////////////////////////////////////// Thank you
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