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  1. iLeGiTiMx

    House Entrance X/Y don´t get saved

    Don´t want to bother you, but still the value "1" everywhere
  2. iLeGiTiMx

    Automapper disconnect

    Okay, at least I can open the form now But another problem now (sorry)
  3. iLeGiTiMx

    House Entrance X/Y don´t get saved

    A real instanced system would be nice, imo there isn´t missing much, only the playervisibility thing With your newest push (Built from newest source (untouched)) houseconfig.xml:
  4. iLeGiTiMx

    House Entrance X/Y don´t get saved

    Nice to hear :) but if it‘s instanced, why can i see other players in my house, when they enter their house? Then the invitefunction makes no sense if anybody is in my house, when they enter their house :o
  5. /////////////////////////////////////////////////// Error Description /////////////////////////////////////////////////// Hey I just tried the housefunction and found a bug (latest push on github). I can´t set the entrancelocation of the house. The basemap gets saved, but the entrance coordinates are always 1;1, even after saving. So when I enter my house, I am at 1;1 always. And the itemeditor doesn´t save the furniture type too.. Edit: It doesn´t save the whole "furniture settings" groupbox.. Then just a question, because I can´t find something relating (or don´t even know if it´s a bug). Is it normal that people can buy the same house, which was bought by me before? Is it the same house then, or an instanced one? After a test I can say, its really weird. We both get into the same house on entering and see each other, but we only see our own furniture. But it´s not correct that we see each other, right? Thank you /////////////////////////////////////////////////// Replication Steps /////////////////////////////////////////////////// Just create a house in the houseditor and save the settings. /////////////////////////////////////////////////// Attach Screenshots/Other media ////////////////////////////////////////////////////
  6. iLeGiTiMx

    Automapper disconnect

    Still the same issue for me. The AutoMapper.xml was in the Data folder before your push too, but I still get a disconnect/crash
  7. iLeGiTiMx

    Automapper disconnect

    /////////////////////////////////////////////////// Error Description /////////////////////////////////////////////////// When I press the "Automapper" button in Editors.exe, it closes and I get disconnected from the server with error: I´m using the latest GitHub source /////////////////////////////////////////////////// Replication Steps /////////////////////////////////////////////////// Just login in the Editors.exe and press "Automapper". The Automapper form doesn´t appear. Do I need to setup some XML´s first? I mean, I have many tilesets, soit can´t be the problem, that the automapper can´t find tiles. /////////////////////////////////////////////////// Attach Screenshots/Other media //////////////////////////////////////////////////// Thank you
  8. iLeGiTiMx

    Automapper System Sourcecode (VB6)

    Hey, i have a problem. When i try to define tilesets, i get an error (video). If i don´t define them, it´s working, but then i only see the generated ressources ingame: https://image.prntscr.com/image/JqgtHPsTRHedAi87Mknu9Q.png Here is the short video about the bug: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MMWbmUBWQyQ Any suggestions? Thank you