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  1. Hey! I edited the following images: resources/gui/background.png resources/gui/logo.png And all the button images in the menu. The problem is, that I still see the old images, instead of the replaced new ones. Do they need another name then the old ones? Thank you. Best regards
  2. How to create a common Event? I can only see this event: Thank you again
  3. Thank you! Did I miss an update or why don´t I have the trigger /command?
  4. Thank you. The problem with setting my sprite to nothing is the name, which is still visible then
  5. Hello! Is it possible to create a camera mode where you (as a player) are invisible and where you can move through the maps in a kind of a "flymode" to create cinematic movies of a map for example. And I dont mean the map editor because I would like to record the players as well. Thank you :) best regards, René
  6. Hello, I know that´s a really simple question, but how to change the sizes of the buttons in menu? I can´t find the size in the json-files.. Thank you Best regards
  7. You quoted my old post, but yeah I am sure. I set it to 10 then and saw how the day changed to night but now I am always in night I don´t get it
  8. Well the color was the hint thank you But ingame it doesn´t switch, it´s always Day or always Night, but not a smooth tansition :S I tried with x50 and x10, but nothing happens, only in the editor.. I think I am lost
  9. Thank you, I tried but there are no changes ingame.. With speed x50 I should see any changes ingame but nothing happens, it´s always daytime.
  10. Hello, some time-related questions for you 1. Is it possible to set the time via server? 2. Is it possible to give a map a locked time? 3. Is it possible to make the time goes by faster/slower? 4 (my most important one). When I use the vanilla source code, these options doesn´t have any effect on my map: https://i.imgur.com/lFACVjI.png Do I need to set them up first? I would like to see my map at night in the editor but it doesn´t do anything. Hope you can answer me Best regards, xored
  11. Okay I will try So I should put in the whole map-screenshot as a tileset? Sounds smart. Thank you
  12. I wanted to do parallax mapping, so I create the basic map in the editor and then screenshot it. Then I edit it with photoshop to make it more dynamic. That´s called parallax mapping and would be awesome in Intersect
  13. Hey, my question is simple. I have made a map in Photoshop and wanted to put it as panorama. Ingame I can see the map but my editor is black when I select Map1.png. So it is a bit difficulty to create lights etc. when I can´t see where to put them because the map is black. What´s the mistake? Thank you :) Best regards
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