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  1. Okay no clue what happened but it works now :S Thankyou for hanging in there with me Cheshire
  2. I do too don't I, hmm I'll keep searching around see if i can figure out how to fix this haha, cause its the final step i need to release my game. Thanks for all the help anyways
  3. Oh okies :S the webhost im using is hostkoala , got referred it by JCSnider. Just dont understand why it will download all the files but actually getting into the game is the problem :S Thanks for the help anyways
  4. Been stuck on this for 6 days now still just [The Remote Server Returned An Error (403) Forbidden] on Client.exe ["[16-Nov-2020 20:29:04 America/Detroit] PHP Warning: Creating default object from empty value in /home/legendsf/public_html/Patch/update.php on line 72"] In error_logs on webpage It fully patches everything when you run it but then its throws up the Forbidden error just before it finished patching and i dont understand why, if i remove the UpdateURL it goes straight in with no files missing, which means it is updating all the files i place in the webpage, but you cant get past the patching screen because of the error even though everythings been downloaded :S
  5. Okay nah you cant you can only get to my mainpage which is https://legendsfromfartale.com :S so not sure how to configure it to make a page for patching I thought I could just put the client folder in the main page then the update in the client folder and it will download it, as I placed update in the main homepage at the start and pressed patch and it decided to download every folder on my webpage apart from the client :S
  6. Im fairly certain should i change permissions in every folder to 0755?
  7. Im trying to use update.php rather than update.json, heres my problem - I have a hosted site from hostkoala and have a website running for my game and have placed the update.php website inside the folder in my cpanel that also has the Intersect client resources then moved then changed the config.json - update url to the correct path. But whenever i seem to try to patch i get The Remote Server Returned An Error (403) Forbidden I looked up the error logs in my cpanel and this was there "[16-Nov-2020 20:29:04 America/Detroit] PHP Warning: Creating default object from empty value in /home/legendsf/public_html/Patch/update.php on line 72" line 72 of update.php is "$obj->TrustCache = true;" but i didn't wanna mess with anything before asking Thank you in advance.
  8. My games ready to be uploaded the server runs off a server computer, It connects fine through multiple computers im happy with all of that. But now its time to choose a website to setup for my game that will also be friendly with the Auto Updater, Was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for user friendly good websites im looking to pay around $10 - 20 USD / Month if possible. Thank you i look forward to hearing back.
  9. Yeah a GCD will be awesome, for now ill just keep there being 5 lvls of potion of say strength that can only be used between lvl 1-10, 11-20, 21-30, 31-40, 41-50 through conditions
  10. Hi, I wish to make 2 potions and say when 1 is used it gives you a buff with +1 attack for 60 seconds, but then if you use the other potion which gives +1 defense it removes the +1 attack buff would this be possible without coding?
  11. I understand it should but it isnt You were right thanks Cheshire sorry bout that it was just overwriting what i had didnt work though had to copy into a completely new number of paperdoll
  12. Changing from 4 to 8 was under server config, but I cant see any Draw equipment just Sprites { "code" }
  13. Ive Managed to move the Entities to 8 Frames for normal,idle,attack,weapon but how would i make it 8 frames for the paperdoll weapon I cant find any options in the server config to change that? Thank you in advance I look forward to hearing back
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