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  1. Guild PvP would probably be an option for the maps. I know @Beefy Kasplant has a map types editor so an option like that would go well with it Guild Logo, I'm assuming this would be a bit weird to implement, because I'd have to think about how the server stores the logos, but I'll see what I can do Guild Banks, I don't think guild banks are used that much because I think it's the first time I heard of one lol, not sure how it would work in-game and what the benefit would be Guild houses, this would be a bit hard to make because I'd have to make a housing system first which isn't too much of a priority right now because right now I'm just trying to get a base system of the guild working, maybe in the future if I work on housing - Guild Level, I'm confused as to what this does, is this like shared xp between members (like partys sharing xp) or like an actual guild level? - What are some things you'd like to see on events regarding guilds?
  2. Started work on the guild system. It should be easy enough, So I'll be making: - inviting/joining guilds - Guild window - player tag - guild admin commands If there's anything you want to see on the guild system, lemme know
  3. Heck yeah, that'd be awesome. It would be very helpful for others
  4. I'm thinking of adding all the features mentioned above and release it as a custom engine. Hopefully that's alright with you all Because I feel like making tutorials for each features would take awhile so...
  5. Ooh I get it now, alright I'll try that No worries, I don't really use intersect but I'd love to see a guild system on it lol so why not
  6. Love u too bb Do you mean auto targetting? like when I click on the attack button, it automatically targets the npcs?
  7. Sounds cool, I'll try working on the guilds first. Also what do you mean by a skill screen? Like a screen with a list of spells or a screen that lists stuff like "crafting, fishing, sorcery" etc. Heya Celtos! I'm not sure if you remember me but nice too see you on the forums, sure I'll give projectiles a shot I never made an encrypton system before but I'll see what I can do, no promises for this one though lol And well I just want to give back to the community I guess lol, so why not. And as for what I work on, I'll try posting updates on this thread. Thanks for the suggestions guys, I'll check out the source code and I should be free starting next week
  8. During these challenging times, I want to give back to all of you. If you all are interested in some coding, art, music, video and more, I'm offering to lend a hand for free. It's the least I can do for everyone. Just let me know what you need and I'm happy to help in any way I can. Code: If you want some source modification done, or even some unrelated work, let me know. I'm proficient at C#, JS, VB, Java but if there's something you need done in any other languages, lemme know and I'll familiarize myself to it. Art: I'm not really good at art, so I can't make character sprites or tilesets but I can work on UI related things. Music: If you need some music done for your project, let me know, I'm familiar with multiple instruments and I can try my best to make some tracks for your games. Video: Video editing's fun so lemme know if you're needing some editing done. I'm going to be doing all of the work for free, there really aren't any limits as to what you want done but if there are things which I'm unable to do, I'll let you know Stay strong, Leather_Feather
  9. Once I have some free time, I can help you with some source modification if ya want. On me
  10. Hey all, I'm wondering how would I be able to make Instanced maps with Intersect and is it possible to make party maps with Intersect? Would I be able to accomplish this with events? Thanks, Leather_Feather :^)
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