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  2. Alright, i'll try with the Console.Title. If that doesn't work, i'll just use the batch file way. Thank you JC <3
  3. Thank you jc! The hard way would be to rewrite part of the start up code, right?
  4. My server executable file shows the full path to it in the title bar. I don't know if it's supposed to be like that or not but it's really annoying me because everything else goes by its title "Intersect Client" etc. Would love to fix it even tho it's minor. If there is no way to do it. it's alright! <3 Update: If you want to do the same thing, here's what you need to do! public static void Start(params string[] args) { Just add this line -- Console.Title = "Your Game Server Name"; var commandLineOptions = ParseCommandLineArgs(args);
  5. I can't PM for some reason so i'm just gonna ask it here i guess. @Joyce I tried adding your Guilds system to 6.1 stable and no errors popped but when i try to make a guild, nothing happens. Is that supposed to happen? Also tried it on latest version, same thing :(

    1. Cheshire


      It's not a finished system and barring basic core functionality you'll have to write everything yourself.


      It was a rough draft I made to start out with. And some people have used it to make their own working system.

    2. xHashii


      Oh i see! I was like what did i do wrong xD


      Thanks for the heads up!

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