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  1. WIP Lost in the Mythic Island - 3D MFPS

    Nice to see you have something produced. However nothing at this point in time seems to stand out. Maybe work on a few models and try make it look a little bit more pretty to catch peoples eyes.
  2. Story Today I did this on my project...

    I find this very relaxing. Nice.
  3. This is actually awesome. Nice job, honestly.
  4. A cool pokemon theme cover

    This is actually the best pokémon cover I've ever heard.
  5. Story Today I did this on my project...

    These are actually gorgeous, good job.
  6. Npc spells

    I believe all of these requirements take place on NPC'S.. yes. As far as I've seen anyway.
  7. Story Today I did this on my project...

    Shadows definitely make the maps look a ton better.
  8. [tutorial] Creating ability points

    Great tutorial. But in theory instead of using an NPC you could use a command to open up a text menu with options to do specific things. However, a good and simple guide.
  9. How let login and command triggers work?

    Are you using an older version of Intersect? There was a version of intersect that didn't allow these to work.
  10. Graphics Elus Online Concept 2

    I like that there is a background behind the character on that stats menu. It's pretty
  11. WIP Nimue

    Arghh! I really want to play this. Excited is an understatement. I love seeing new content from this project.
  12. Pet System I've been working on for Nightmare so far

    It reminds me of EO Pets ~ Which I did quite enjoy. Nice work, Kibz.
  13. website links in game?

    You can use a common event system to create a command called /website (for example) which will distribute the link to them via the chatlog. If you mean like an on-screen link then you'd have to wait for the source unfortunately.
  14. Quick Sprite Character Generator

    You're supposed to import it yourself through the directories It just makes adding certain items to NPC's easier.
  15. diagonal

    Not without the source code, buddy. You can change the keybinds inside the client using the options menu. Source code is required for this, also. In the server config, you can add, delete and edit item types. Once you've made changes reboot the server.