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  1. Essence

    Runic Land/Tierras Rúnicas

    Doesn't mean he ripped from Arcwyre. I have these tilesets also and I paid for them Other than that the game is looking very nice, good job.
  2. Essence

    What can you say about my mapping?

    Like Dashplant said, the trees. They caught my attention instantly, the patterns are too similar. In the real world trees are completely random (unless planted of course). Maybe switch it up, Like Kibz said, different trees and tiles can lighten up the map and just make it pretty to look at.
  3. Essence

    World of Adea

    Looking great!
  4. Essence

    how to add a npc

    Inside the Intersect Editor. Go to Editors in the top left and open the NPC editor. There you can create as many NPC's as you wish to use. When you want to add them to a map
  5. Essence

    Heroes Apocalypse

    Great to see this is still being worked on.
  6. Essence

    Click Problem

    Please provide a video of some sort so we can figure out the issues a lot easily. It sounds to be that the entity sheets are correctly aligned, or are to big or small. This could be an issue and an issue I faced in the early days of Eclipse. Simple fix, just show a video of some sort just to confirm this. If it's just lag, then get a new server provider.
  7. Essence

    Samouraï MO

    looks nice man! Defiantly love the Samurai concept.
  8. No offence but if you're not sure how to do it, maybe look into it before thinking about releasing a game. You can either self host the game on your own PC and purchase a server from a company and have them host it for you. The above links give you enough information to actually open your game for friends. Just follow it step by step.
  9. Essence

    Change the IP??

    <Host></Host> change this to the IP you wish to use. For Example if was my IP that I was using I'd do <Host></Host>
  10. Essence

    World Of Warcraft Battle For Azeroth

    WoW is just popping right now
  11. Essence

    World Of Warcraft Battle For Azeroth

    It's defo made me want to play WoW again. I'll most likely resub on the EU servers playing my Paladin. I think this is one of the better expansions they've released to WoW.
  12. You keep these sharks away from me.
  13. Essence

    Today I did this on my project...

    New ore rocks
  14. Essence

    Source code

    The source code hasn't been released yet. Follow the roadmap for more information.