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    How's everyone doing? Currently I'm messing around and getting a feel for the engine (not much coding experience but we all start somewhere aha) My Goal is to create a Simple Bit Arena type mmorpg with the Ascension game engine. The goal is to complete Floors in order to get down to the Vile Depths where your sibling has been abducted and taken hostage to. The games graphics will be pretty simplistic but appealing to look at. (PLANS) - Tons of floors to complete - Loot based game (meaning end game is loot driven) - Special Floors (Mini-Bosses) - Rebirth system (rebirth will give extra stat points per level, but harder to level) - Floors built around party play (although single play will be doable also!) - High level capping with a real feel of progression (Will start low and will expand with each X amount of floors added) - Enchanting system to help make you feel good about yourself (kidding but enchanting will definitely help player progression) - Self made soundtrack - Self made Tile-sets and graphics. Again, my goal is to create a fun simplistic game you can jump in and out of easily and have fun doing it. No massive maps where you have to traverse slowly and get lost. Thanks for taking the time to chime in and read my Game idea, Any ideas/suggestions are more than welcome, I'll also be creating a recruitment thread incase anybody is interested in helping out. Have a great day everyone.
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