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  1. Hi Damian, im wondering if you will have some spare time to help me working on my project based on Orion+ its not much work but im not good at coding at all, most of it is just few simple changes to character creation in the game client, if you are interested to give me a hand and will have some spare time that would be great, let me know here or via pm. Thanks. If its a wrong topic please move it to the right one thanks.
  2. Hiai


    New game then ⚪️⚪️⚪️⚪️⚪️⚪️ ⚪️⚪️⚪️⚪️⚪️⚪️ ⚪️⚪️⚪️⚪️⚪️⚪️ ⚪️⚪️⚪️⚪️⚪️⚪️ ⚪️⚪️⚪️⚪️⚪️⚪
  3. How to reference it? ive just started my story with it and im a bit confused. A little tutorial would be handy if any of you will find some time to do it, if not i could do it once my issue get resolved and ill be able to compile the project.
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