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  1. Basicamente todo o manual necessário está aí, não há mais a dizer... O que posso fazer é dizer que, para instalar um patch, necessitarás de: - Visual Studio 2019(recomendável) - GitBash e por fim, um Clone/Fork da Intersect Engine com o branch(ramo) que o patch foi desenvolvido, no tópico de cada Patch tem essa informação, algo como "feito para 6.2.422(development branch)
  2. In Windows 7 SP1 with .NET Framework 4.7.1 has this error: Message: Service 'PluginService' is not yet running. Logs: https://ascensiongamedev.com/resources/filehost/76455d59c96abdc3340aa147189d8132.log https://ascensiongamedev.com/resources/filehost/2dec63d2ee1140aa207769b709e4a610.log
  3. Blacksmith. Do you need make two equipments: Wild Bow(+0) and Wild Bow +1 For forge the Wild Bow +1 the player need Wild Bow +0 and 10 other items...
  4. I didn't understand your statement or your question...
  5. In Escape Menu: "Auto close windows" Uncheck this. PS: By default All Windows shows in same place... Therefore change
  6. Yeap... Fixed... But it's a very strange hahaha... So, Thanks Joyce for you attention!
  7. When removing exactly 10px in width it is displayed correctly, Joyce ... But what has puzzled me so far is the reason why on the map it displays correctly and in the character window it does not ... If you want, I can give you the sprite and paperdoll so you can see for yourself what happens
  8. I understand, well, i'm using the latest master's branch... But, in clean version:
  9. I thought about it but remembered that I did not touch the EntityBox and it also appears wrong
  10. I have a helmet paperdoll this paperdoll it's showing right in Select Character Window and in the Map... But in the Character Window and EntityBox showing a few pictures to the right... Has anyone been through this and know how to solve? SelectCharacterWindow: In the Map: EntityBox: CharacterWindow:
  11. You're using the "Pack Texture"? If yep... You need make a pack texture ever when made a change in the entities sprite, tilesets etc...
  12. Yeah, i executed but some lines have not added for some reason... But, thanks again!
  13. Hello Lathelmar! Thanks for amazing free system!! Thanks so much! In EN and FR the input text are empty... I needed look on database for discovery what is... Could be a troubles for someone... So i sharing a patch for fix it PATCH LINK: https://www.ascensiongamedev.com/resources/filehost/f6c4bb6ec263d0828248337de5d2a837.rar TO INSTALL: Import the SQL file in your cms db
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