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  1. The problem with that way is when you go walking to the first map, as the event has autorun, also it will transport you, no?
  2. This is sad, but good luck wherever you go, I hope you get better in your health. It was nice meeting you. Good bye dirty savage person
  3. I suggest expand the message box to show more text instead of having to use the scroll. I mean, the scroll function is good, but the current space is very limited, I think there should be at least one more line of capacity before showing it
  4. I think this guys has a serious ego problem, I always see shit coming from him, except when he has to talk about his custom engine relic.
  5. it's always nice read something new about Intersect, the UI relocate is something that a lot of users has been waiting, good job!
  6. WIP

    Thanks, I really like all the possibilities that it gives The truth is that the game is focused on a forest (As the first scenario), I do not expect the character to travel the whole world in a day, I want to make good use of each world. The following scenarios will be shown when appropriate, I'm sorry you're bored seeing the picture. And yes,are custom tilesets.
  7. WIP

    - Frenetic Explosion -
  8. add an extra frame for the attack movement instead of using one of the walk frame character movement, also when you use a projectile or spell, I think it could be a good improvement
  9. Graphics

    Looks really good, I hope to see more of this game!
  10. Make the enemy attack you when you attack an enemy close to him would be an amazing functionality
  11. I suggest expand the space between the + symbol and the character attributes (In character window) when you level up. Because when it appears it covers the attributes numbers (attack, defense, etc) and it's difficult to see, I think the space is very small
  12. I need more coffee

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      lolz, maybe Hillary want it

    3. Crest


      Have you tried getting more coffee?

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      Yes, I have two coffees today

  13. WIP

    Nimue growing up
  14. I think add a message to the chat box when you send a Party or Trade invitation would be useful, like a "waiting for a response" or "You've sent a party invitation to -user name-". Because now, when I press the button I really don't know if I sent it correctly or if it's working.