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  1. WIP

    Roderick, the blacksmith. "Is there anything that this old blacksmith can helps you with?"
  2. Congratz @Gibier
  3. WIP

    Thanks @Henry ! Yes, there'll be a lot of side quests (apart of the main) that will give you not only exp, but also rare and special items. Not all side quests will be easy to find, you must search and find them. Also we are planning harder and fun dungeons events for the endgame. Our idea is never stop give events and new features for all users, both for new and old users (who reach the level cap). Thanks again for your comments!
  4. This could help you
  5. En este momento estoy en la oficina, pero cuando llegue podría ayudar a probar tu juego
  6. Thanks very much!, I really like you attitude, and your projects is looking good, I hope to see more about it
  7. Welcome both, I hope you get fun here @jesusbleach @cruist22
  8. Closed Alpha

    Hey it looks pretty, The style looks original, I hope to see more about this project, good luck!
  9. It would be great the possibility of add a percentages instead of a simple number when you modify the user stats (life, attack, etc) with a spell (buff) or object.
  10. I noticed that some lists in the editor are disordered. For example, in the animator editor the list is sorted as you add new animations, one below the other. Would be really useful if you can order it by name, it'd be easier for us for find one specific animation. This could be aplicated to all kind of object list in the editor (spells, items, etc). I say this because now I have a big list of objects and when I want to find one specific the list is disordered and is difficult.
  11. 1. You can upload your game wherever you want. 2. You can rename the application like others programs/folders 3. You have to configure it in the map's property, but first you need to add the music you want to play in the resource/music folder. The audio must be .ogg. 4. I recommend you to take a look to the animator section (you can add sounds to the animations) and the event editor. 5. Client>Resources>Config.xml (<MenuBGM>my_music.ogg</MenuBGM>)
  12. WIP

    Thanks very much! @Giligis, That sword will be a really strong weapon for Magic Swordsman class !
  13. WIP

    "Strange presences abound in this place..."
  14. it works "more or less" on the lower layer. I'm testing the light over a projectile (with auto rotate), when it shots to up or down works fine, but when I shoot to left and right the light doesn't seem in the right position (lower layer). On the upper layer definitely doesn't work. @jcsnider
  15. Now I'm at office, when I get home, I'll test it