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  1. Event Face Position

    Find the <EventDialogWindow_Max1Response> tag in GUI/InGame.xml, you should change the configuration there.
  2. Nimue is every day closer for an alpha test. We have been remaking all the beginner/advanced clothes and weapons equipment, now they looks better!. The gui interface and menu have been remade too!. Apart of that, we have all clothes and weapons done for late game (advance players). Yeah, there'are a lot of clothers to use and combine! . What's best?, we have a tons of monsters, bosses and attack animations ready! :)

    1. Myles


      Keep up the good work man!

    2. Sethis


      Yeah, i'm really impatient to try your game :D

  3. WIP Nimue

    Advanced suit (full equipment), for Sorcerer
  4. WIP Nimue

    "This is where all begins"
  5. Event Pages

    Each page can be activated by switch or variables, that's useful if you want that a NPC event (example) with a determined sprite (page 1) changes to other (page 2), or vice versa. Same function could be apply to do a dynamical actions with only one event.
  6. WIP Nimue

    @Essence I didn't knew about that game (Just Starve), looks great, I'll take a look ! . Thanks very much for the comment, we are every day trying to apply more effort to the project, more news will coming!
  7. WIP Nimue

    Enemies Presentation Mugu is a creature that lives around forests and rivers. lt likes eat all kind of vegetables food, especially magic plants.
  8. Problema para actualizar

    Da lo mismo si tu versión es más antigua de lo habitual, cualquier versión puede actualizarse a la ultima. Sólo debes seguir los pasos que el documento de acá indica: Procura crear un respaldo de tu versión antes de realizar el upgrade.
  9. WIP Nimue

    Time to buy something useful! (Still in development) __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Website: Discord: Instagram: Facebook:
  10. Nimue discord!

    (Previews, screenshots, news, etc)

  11. WIP Nimue

    "Guardian is a class that focus on be a wall of protection to his allies. He use magic spears who gives him the bless of protector spirits. He's able to potentiate all kind of defenses to his allie and make a considerate amount of damage to his enemies also. He's really strong, a primary partner to have on any party. "
  12. Intersect assets

    No, but the team are actually working on custom graphics for implement in the future versions.