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Concept Side Scroller Mock Up


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So I have been messing around with the idea of making a side scroller with Intersect. There are a few issues that I would have to find a work around for. One issue is jumping which I could just leave out and instead just have climbing as well as using the grapple stone feature. So far it seems the more I think about this idea the more I feel it might be possible. Any ideas and suggestions would be much appreciated so throw them at me if you have any.


Here is a screen shot and a short screen recording showing climbing in action. The video is pretty choppy so keep that in mind.


Video: http://recordit.co/l8vWWx4WwP




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Yeah that was the original idea. I do have some more stuff to show off but it will be a bit before I can do that. I probably won't make a side scroller with intersect. Got another side scroller project going on and I'll let you all know more about it when the time is right so keep an eye out!

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7 minutes ago, Niko said:

yea, but im assuming blocked attribute is what hes using to keep the player on the ground and not just floating all over the map. So how would player attack a bird who was flying above him say 5 tiles away?



With the NPC avoid tiles. NPC's are the only ones blocked by them. (If they work properly)


EDIT: I see what you mean. The player is the problem, not the NPC. 

Yeah, need open source for that I assume. 

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Yeah, they'll target you through blocked tiles if you're in their radius, but they won't attack you through blocked tiles with spells, I'm pretty sure spells have to be clear line-of-sight to cast.

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Well, since I am the one who directed you here I am just going to warn you that this thread is almost a year old so it could be considered necro posting. Which is against the rules so just be careful lol. 


Anyways, yeah a side scroller could work but it would have to be a very simple side scroller. Considering atm players can not walk through npcs or monsters and, well, the lack of the ability to jump. 

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