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Donations are used for in game custom graphics and later on features. I have spent a considerable amount already and would really love some help financially!




Hello and welcome to my DB theme MMO page!

Firstly a massive thanks to Kibblez & JC for creating Intersect.

So I have been building this MMO from Intersect day 1 and now has become a large vibrant world to explore!




The story has been something I have been thinking about for some time now, My idea is to have a place to start and from that point your mission will be to save various planets from invasion from enemies from all over the galaxy! This game is heavily themed from the series Dragonball so expect some similarities along the way!





-Beam Attacks

-Teleport Attack






I'm setting up the class system with 2 initial starting options,




- All round Damage class




- Specialist in Buffs and Heals










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This looks awesome! As a huge fan of dbz (and anime in general) this is extremely promising and much further than other dbz related projects. Few questions: 

  • Did you make all the art yourself? (it looks bloody amazing)
  • Are there going to be multiple races? e.g Namekians,boo's and Arcosian's
  • Are you going to be making a custom story or work through the anime's?
  • Will the game feature series based items e.g trunks sword,goku's pole and hercule's jetpack?
  • Will there be enemies such as saibamen?

Sorry for all the questions c; just excited

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I'm glad to see some excitement like I have :)

  • I have had a range of pixel artists over a couple of years and spent a lot of time refining things.
  • I am looking at adding Freiza race and Namek next :)
  • The story I'm little worried about going head on with anime just in case, I may go with a custom story I have in mind
  • I will add all items from DBZ series I can find or remember :)
  • I have already started adding enemies from DBZ universe like sabi and various other enemies from dragonball online 3D version
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  • 4 weeks later...

Do SSJ God forms, it would be simple. You could use new colors to create unique forms to your game and all you really would have to do from form to form is render them different colors. It would be illogical not to really. :D

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