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  1. Zahvi

    [WIP] Pestilence

    @Niko I'm really digging the plague infected idea. Everything looks good. Can't way to see how it plays.
  2. This looks good. I hope you keep working on this would love to see this as a finished product. It's seems interesting, would def give it a play.
  3. Welcome to the ADG Community @Magistar! I hope to see some of your work soon. Good Luck!
  4. This is a valid option for creating quests, however I would suggest avoiding quests until the editor is released if possible. Quest through the event system can be quite time consuming. If you don't have any other areas of work to focus on other than quests then by all means go for it!
  5. @Azurn Welcome to the ADG Community! To answer question 2, 3, and 6 I believe those features have not been implemented into the engine yet and will be added in a future release. See Intersect Engine road map here. 1 - To add a warp simply use an attribute or an event. If you've done this and it is not working please provide screenshots and a little more detail of what happens when you try these options. 4 - In order to allow pvp when in the editor go to the map properties on the right and find where it says map morality normal means pvp enabled, safezone means pvp is disabled. 5 - Non moving NPC I'm not really sure but i would assume there is an option to have a non moving NPC. I currently don't have Intersect Engine on this PC so I can't check this out right now, but when I get home ill look into this for you.
  6. Zahvi


    @Sfortune Unity is a fantastic game engine. I've been using it for 4 years now and I love it. It's very user friendly and easy to learn. I really hope you use it and create something out of this world. If you have any questions about Unity or anything related please don't hesitate to drop a message in my inbox. Good luck!
  7. Lately I have been putting a great deal of work into Vu Du Kein. I've drawn up a world map that I feel is a good sized map, however i'm not sure if it consist of too many maps 784 to be exact. So I guess my question is, is 784 maps too many maps for the intersect engine to handle, if so what's the max amount of maps I should use?
  8. This looks superb! I really like the thought of the claymation, must have been a lot of work. Can't wait to play! Keep up the good work!
  9. @JasonTGF Double click the transparent border on one of the edges of your map and it will prompt you to create an additional map. This will connect the map on which ever side you choose. Visual:
  10. 1. Getting Started - 1.1 Downloading The Intersect Engine The first thing you will need to get started is the Intersect Engine you can find a copy here. Simply click "Download this file" Locate the latest version (Intersect Alpha v1.9) and click download. Visual: Open up the .zip file you just downloaded and extract the contents onto your desktop. Visual: 1 Getting Started - 1.2 Setting up the Intersect Engine The next thing you need to do is set up the engine for online play to do this check out my Port Forwarding Guide, it can be found here. If you do not wish to have your game online and allow other players to connect to your server please, move on to section 1.3 creating an account in order to set up an account with administrative privileges. 1 Getting Started - 1.3 Creating an account Now that you have downloaded and set up the Intersect engine open up the intersect Alpha v1.9 folder that we extracted to our desktops. Here you will see two folders one named Client and Editor, this is where your client and editor are located and a second one below the client and editor folder named server , this is where your server is located. Open up the server folder and run the Intersect Server Application, this will start your server. Visual: Now return back to the Intersect Alpha v1.9 folder and open up the Client and Editor folder from here run the Intersect Client Application. Visual: Now register an account by clicking the register button and filling out the form. Once the data has been submitted you may log in with the same information you used to register. Now that you have created an account and are logged in, Administrator privileges will automatically be granted to you. Do not worry this only happens for the first registered user, any other player promotions will have to be done manually by an admin, via the admin panel which is accessible by pressing your insert key on your keyboard while you are logged in. Visual: Now that you have an account with Administrative Privileges you will be able to access the Engines Developer Suite, we are going to need this for section 2. Inside of the Client and Editor folder open up the Intersect Editor Application and login with the same information you used to make your account with. Visual:
  11. Intersect Engine Guide Date: September 17th 2016 Hello, ADG Community! Today I would like to take a walk through the Intersect Engine. In this guide I will be explaining how to set up the engine, how the editor is navigated, and how to operate the engine properly to increase productivity and efficiency. Table Of Contents: 1. Getting Started - 1.1 Downloading the Intersect Engine. 1.2 Setting up the Intersect Engine. 1.3 Creating an account. 2. Navigating The Intersect Engine - 2.1 Introduction to the Tool Bar. 2.2 Introduction to the Map Editor interface. Map Editor Map Layers Map List Map Properties 2.3 Introduction to the Content Editors interfaces. Animation Editor Class Editor Common Event Editor Item Editor NPC Editor Projectile Editor Quest Editor Recourse Editor Shop Editor Spell Editor Switch and Variable Editor Time Editor 3. Operating The Intersect Engine - 3.1 Operating to the Tool Bar. 3.2 Operating the Map Editor. Map Editor Map Layers Map Properties 3.2 Operating the Content Editors. Animation Editor Class Editor Common Event Editor Item Editor NPC Editor Projectile Editor Quest Editor Recourse Editor Shop Editor Spell Editor Switch and Variable Editor Time Editor 4. Closing Thoughts -
  12. @pamiclo I'm glad I could help.
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