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Open Alpha [Intersect Engine] Grande Azure Online - A New Era <Open Alpha II Live Now>


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DISCORD : https://discord.gg/FqyhnuJarT

PRE-ALPHA PHASE I  -  Completed

PRE-ALPHA PHASE II  -  Completed
OPEN - BETA  -  May 1st 2024




Grande Azure Online is a free-to-play online RPG set in the world of Azuria.
Explore the vast seamless overworld by yourself or with friends, forge friendships with the large cast of characters
and become the strongest defender of Azuria.




Story summary

*Subject to change*


A thousand moons ago, the continent of Cyan was the peaceful home to adventurers, merchants and humble workers.
It stood tall as the most solid place to set camp to, both economically and politically wise.

Among all the villages and cities, the Cyan's metropolis, Eingard was the pillar of said balance.
A castle built on sacred grounds protected by the Chosen Gods, constructed to last forever.


Though, in the wake of the Full Moon festival, the most celebrated holiday of Azuria, a devilish plot by a arch-mage named Gena
caused a war that lasted a hundred years.
Most of what was known of Azuria had to be reconstructed over the past centuries and a wind of peace finally came.


Up to present day, there's been no disasters, but all is not won as the common enemy is still around.






6 unique classes

2 specializations per class

Fully showable equipment

Main storyline with cutscenes

Reputation farming for horizontal progression

Meaningful crafting with streamlined progression

Tons of side quests
Solo and grouped dungeons

Challenging endgame content for 1 to 8 players

Random world events for all levels

Seasonal events for exclusive rewards





Original soundtrack made by yours truly.




World map so far



Some game screenies











Game is still under heavy development. Progress is made every day and I’m nearing a phased pre-alpha testing. 


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On 2/21/2023 at 9:47 AM, XFallSeane said:

It's really clean! I just love it !

Thanks a lot! Appreciate ya

On 2/21/2023 at 1:09 PM, Aesthetic said:




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  • 4 weeks later...

Good evening everyone!

The server are opened to the public for two weeks. Note that only the first area is opened, which represents roughly 20% of the world map. 
The pre-alpha will go in phases until all the content is tested.

Here's the link for the client : https://drive.google.com/file/d/15OnVN6upnxvjysveUq6E7mSg6Bo_5Syu/view?usp=share_link

Thank you everyone!

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Hello all,


After the first alpha, I've completed the first zone fully and fixed around 30 bugs. I'm finishing the polish for phase II at the moment which will feature a whole lot of content.

I took the liberty of making patch notes with all the changes coming on the new phase, both on launch as well as during the testing period.



• Level cap increased to 30

• Specializations available (two per class)

• Azuria Madness Awakened limited event


• New solo dungeon, The Voidsent Spire

    Climb the floors of The Voidsent Spire and fight bosses or waves of powerful enemies to obtain epic loot!


• Reworked character window


• New equipment slot : Soul Gem

    Soul Gems grant special abilities to further tailor your builds, could be a passive effect or a new spell. Replaces the Card slot


• Stats rework (Strength, Agility and Intelligence are now the only three upgradable stats per level)

    Strength increases physical damage of both weapons and spells;

    Intelligence increases max MP and spell potency;

    Agility increases critical chance, attack speed and physical/ranged potency;

    Wisdom is changed to Craftsmanship and will improve your chances of good drops while gathering or crafting;

    Constitution is changed to Armor and is no longer upgradable.


• Lanias Region

    Over 30 quests to complete in the area;
    Al'Kiar, the Serpent King world boss;

    Two mini-world bosses;

    Level 15+ dungeon - Helgun Palace;

    Lanias Outpost reputation;

    Helgun Oracles reputation;

    Lanias Factory public group dungeon;

    Two new world events.



• Claris Region

    Over 40 quests to complete in the area;

    Forgotten Guardian world boss;

    Three mini-world bosses;

    Level 22+ dungeon - Shrine of the Elementals;

    Forest Elders reputation;

    Claris Borough reputation;

    Faerie Domain public group dungeon;

    Two new world events;

    Level 25+ expedition - Merida's Nightmare (8-player encounter).


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Servers are online!

I recommend users to join the Discord to submit bugs, I'll be hard at work for the next months. New content, bug fixes and other stuff will be added on a semi-daily basis.


Thank you and I hope you enjoy Grande Azure ! :)


Discord Link : https://discord.gg/WcwXYsnhT

Download Link https://ascensiongamedev.com/resources/filehost/812a046a769f3adf12eee2fb31fdc171.zip

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  • AkemiHikari changed the title to [Intersect Engine] Grande Azure Online - A New Era <Open Alpha II Live Now>
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G'day everyone!


As we're closing the page on the Lanias chapter, a new one is starting right away.  In this post, I'll be covering what will happen on patch release tonight/tomorrow.

Note that this phase will last longer than Lanias as there's more stuff to do and test.


You may or may not already have outleveled the zone completely.


Not all of Claris content will be out on day one patch, but will instead make its way in the days/weeks following the opening of the zone.


So far on release, here is what will be available :


► The entire region for you to explore (duh);

► New level 24 uncommon equipments as well as 3-star enchant scrolls;

► Shrine of the Elements level 22 dungeon as well as all the equipment;

► Over 20 new quests to complete;

► Domain of the Faerie level 24 public dungeon as well as all the equipment;

► New Claris reputation to farm and a shop like the ones in the other regions;

► Lots of spell balancing. 


It may not seem like a lot, but it took a good while to make everything ready while fixing bugs and finishing Lanias content.

I'll be progressively adding more content like the Voidsent Spire, the first 8-player expedition and the crafting overhaul.


So here's a short list of the next content releasing in the following weeks :


► Voidsent Spire, a level 25 solo dungeon where you fight five different bosses for epic items;

► Merida's Nightmare, a level 25 8-player epic boss encounter;

► First batch of skill nodes to further increase your power;

► Complete crafting overhaul as well as two new professions (Cooking & Enchanting);

► Affixes for rare equipment;

► 2 new spells per specialization;

► Official release of world bosses with weekly quests;

► Possibly new specialization for each (still unsure if I wait for Wintervale for this one);

► More spell balancing and bug fixing for sure.


Hopefully you enjoy the work and love I've put in this new area!


Patch will release on September 11, 2023 11:00 PM!


Thank you everyone for being part of this with me! :D


If you're curious about the game, you can join the discord here : https://discord.gg/FqyhnuJarT



Here are some previews of the dungeon sets :



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New about the game development!

Open Alpha is now closed for the next couple of weeks while I prepare to go into Open Beta!
It's been a wild ride so far and I've been enjoying every second of it. We've had over two hundred accounts created over the course of 8 weeks

and fixed around 80 bugs.


The players tested nearly everything there was to do in this open alpha with users getting close to 60 hours of playtime before running out of content.

It's really something amazing to see considering I've been developing Grande Azure for close to three years now.


Open Beta will last roughly 2 months and will feature most of what will be available on official game release, minus some events and other minor things.

This will give me a final overview of how things are going and let me prepare at least 2-3 major patches ahead to make sure I keep a good pacing on content updates.


I want to thank the AGD community for helping me and giving me their two cents on my ideas!

Patch notes for the open beta content should be coming in the next few days.

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